Choosing The Right Kitchen Tap

Choosing The Right Kitchen Tap

When choosing a kitchen tap, the first thing most people think about is the basic function – to dispense hot and cold water so you can wash your hands, food, or dishes.

However, interior designers have a different apparoach and that’s how making the right choice becomes more complex. You can choose from many styles, materials, finishes, etc. and it can easily become overwhelming.
Here is an overview of what to check when buying a tap.

Choose the right handle

First thing first, think about the type of handle you need. You can choose amongst single and double-handed but now there are fancy, modern taps that operate hands-free, so the choice becomes harder.
A single-handled tap works by rotating the handle directionally – you can regulate the water temperature and flow by moving the handle. They require only one hole in your deck or wall to be mounted but the temperature control might not be as precise as it is with double-handled taps.

Double-handed taps, on the other hand, allows a better control of the water temperature but need at least three holes to be installed and might be limiting when it comes to adjusting them to your interior design style.

Finally, hands-free taps have a little handle on the side with which you can control the temperature and the flow but the water is turned on by activating the sensors. That’s good for children that can’t reach the handles and it lowers down water consumption. However, you still need to adjust the temperature and the flow manually, so choose wisely.

Find your finish

When it comes to materials and finishes, taps come in a wide range of styles, so you should be able to find a match for your kitchen interior style. However, when you choose a finish for your tap, don’t consider only the way it looks – select a top-quality tap with a style that has timeless appeal and wil last for year.
As an example, opt for a matte finish, such as matte black or wrought iron, if you don’t want to see a lot of fingerprints and water spots on your tap.

Oil-rubbed bronze and polished brass are durable and easy to clean while copper has natural anti-bacterial properties thus making it perfect material for taps. If you’re looking for an affordable yet versatile finish, chrome is the way to go. It might be somewhat more difficult to clean but it matches most interior design styles and it’s not as expensive as brass or bronze are.

Consider the mounting style

There are three places where the tap can be mounted – on your sink, on the deck, or onto the wall. Sink-mounted taps are great for reusing the old sink but it can limit your tap style options.

If your sink has more holes than needed, opt for a tap that comes with a deck plate on the base to cover it up. You can also mount taps directly on the countertop so they match perfectly with contemporary kitchen design. Although these are a bit harder to clean, their main advantage is that each part can be easily replaced without having to replace the whole tap.

When mounting your tap on the wall, you must be careful when syncing it with your sink to make them compatible. If you mount it on the outside wall, you’ll need some kind of insulation to prevent freezing. They are, on the other hand, easier to use and clean and they can fill large pots much faster.

Finally, find a tap that will work best for the rest of your kitchen. Also, whenever possible, opt for a high-quality one – both interior designers and plumbers agreed that there are plenty of ways to save up on a kitchen remodel, but your tap isn’t a good place to do that. A good tap will last for years and stay trendy forever, so make your pick wisely!