What you should know about kitchen sink mounting options

What you should know about kitchen sink mounting options

Choosing a kitchen sink can turn out to be quite complex, as many options are available in terms of styles, materials and mounting applications.
When it comes to the mounting type, most of the sinks you'll find will be Topmount or Undermount, but there are definitely other possibilities you should consider.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks attach to the bottom face of the countertop, giving your kitchen a sleek and seamless appearance. Because you mount this kind of sink below the countertop, there is no lip, so food and other debris can be wiped easily into the sink.
The installation requires a combination of silicone, high-strength epoxy, and metal anchors to glue the sink to the countertop. Although Stainless steel is the most common material used in the making of undermount sinks; some are made with cast iron, copper and composite materials.

Topmount (or Drop-in) Sinks

Topmount sinks are designed to drop into an opening in the countertop. You will need to cut an appropriately sized hole into your countertop surface allowing for sink installation.Many different materials can be used in the fabrication of topmount sinks, like stainless steel, cast iron and composite materials.
Using this mounting type makes the installation very easy. Once you've inserted the sink into the countertop hole, metal clips or anchors secure the sink to the countertop. You should then apply Silicone or acrylic caulking around the lip of the sink to finish the installation.

Farmhouse (or Apron) Sinks

Farmhouse sinks have a design which includes a large apron that drops down the front of the sink or cabinets. Apron sinks are more difficult to install because of the cabinet modifications required for proper installation.
Most of the farmhouse sinks are made of cast iron and fireclay ceramic, but they are also available in copper and stainless steel.

Flushmount Sinks

Flushmount sinks are installed into worktops made of waterproof materials (composite materials, laminates, natural stone), properly cut to allow the top rim of the sink to be at the same level as the worktop.
Flushmount kitchen sinks allow to have a seamless work surface, are very easy to clean and have an attractive appearance.