Advantages of Formboss Metal Garden Edging

Advantages of Formboss Metal Garden Edging

Create that superior garden edging result for which you are looking:

• FormBoss is a new metal garden edging system that is guaranteed to give you far superior results than traditional edging types.

• FormBoss is durable, shapeable, safe, super strong and comes in 3 heights, 2 gauges and 2 finishes.

FormBoss is a far superior edging method than what has been available to landscapers in the past and to the DIY market previously. Metal is a great material often overlooked for edging outdoor areas, it is strong yet malleable and especially when galvanised is perfect for edging, but up until now metal has been available from steel supplies in the form of a bar in various thicknesses suited for edging from 3mm to 8mm.

This metal bar has been useful but did have its disadvantages. The top edge makes it sharp and less appealing to the eye than the FormBoss rounded top edge and anything above 3mm thick is more expensive than FormBoss metal edging.

Methods for securing the metal bar was also a problem, often the only way was to use a welder and to weld metal stakes to the bar.

FormBoss has a 2.5mm channel underneath the top rounded edge in which you slot a galvanised tapered stake (which is available in 4 different lengths). Connecting lengths is as simple as using a small off cut, inverting it and slotting it into an end of one length and then into an end of another length, turning the female profile of the edge into a male profile which in return accepts the next female length of FormBoss edging.

What you end up with is an easy to shape off the shelf edging system that is easy to use and install and that has many uses and very cost effective. With FormBoss your results will stand out from anything you have edged before with clean uninterrupted strong shaped lines!

FormBoss’ unique shaping characteristics allow you to shape practically any garden design with ease. No more miter cuts, special stakes or interrupted lines! It’s when shaping that FormBoss really comes to life!

Even more exciting advantages:

• Stays in shape due to its strength and durability.

• Allows changeable designs - add or remove sections at a later date with ease.

• Is long lasting, lasting anywhere from 10 to 40 years.

• Easy to install.

• FormBoss™ is designed, made and sold by Greenlines Gardenware, right here in Australia so expert customer service is available directly around the clock.

Start creating some backyard dream ideas with Formboss Metal Garden Edging without burning a hole in your pocket either! It’s the landscaping way to go!