Formboss Metal Garden Edging Installation Tips

Formboss Metal Garden Edging Installation Tips

Assuming you have a plan or at least a good idea of what you would like to achieve, here are some tips for installing Formboss metal garden edging to your outdoor landscape and garden design.

The following information should give professional shaped edging results:

1. Mark out shape on surface to be edged, with string, chalk or colored spray.

2. Make your shapes to suit area marked out. To curve, roll the metal edge under your feet or slide gently over your knee see video. For angles and corners, lay a block of wood across the FormBoss™ edge, and simply lift.

3. Lay FormBoss on top of your marked shape (as in step 1) and check shape of the new edge, repeat step 2 until the new edge is the same as the marked shape.

4. Loosen soil and remove any debris from subsurface such as rocks or wood with spade or hand sized mattock in line where edging is to be installed..

5. Connect lengths first with smart connectors. Tap the now complete length into soil a little at a time working back and forth along edge to a depth that is 2-4 cm above your desired finished height.

6. Tap tapered stakes in behind edge (the side with lip) to top of edge. Then lift edging up onto stakes and screw with self drilling/tapping hex head screws (recommended) from either way as low to soil level as possible. Tap edging in to required depth working back and forth.

Please don't hesitate to call us directly on 1300 307 542 for any advice on choosing the right FormBoss kit or any specific installation questions you have.