Garden Design with Metal Edges - FormBoss

Garden Design with Metal Edges - FormBoss

When we think of garden design, garden edging is often overlooked and yet done properly can make a huge aesthetic and functional difference. To enable this, the edging must be shaped to complement the architecture of the surrounding area(s) and yet strong and durable enough to stand the test of traffic and time.

This is why in the past metal bars are often the preferred edging material. The reason is not just that metal edging is durable but metal can be bent (albeit with a fair amount of force) and will hold a memory of the shape you bend it to. However, metal plate is expensive and hard to work with unless you are an engineer or boiler maker.

Garden design is easier than ever now that a new product on the market called FormBoss™ is here.

FormBoss is a metal garden edging system which comes in 7 heights from 75mm up to 390mm and in 3 thicknesses with a rounded top from 4.5mm to 6.5mm wide.

Because of its unique but simple profile you have the strength of steel and yet still flexible enough to shape corners or curves, easy to install without welding or any further pre-fabrication all at a fraction of the price of solid steel plate.

This profile allows stakes to be slotted in the channel (rolled over top edge) where it is barely visible and out of harm’s way.

The end result speaks for itself and because of its cost effectiveness, safety, shapability and that it’s easy to install more and more landscape architects and landscapers are specifying the FormBoss™ edging system.