Murano Glass Ca Rezzonico Chandeliers

Murano Glass Ca Rezzonico Chandeliers

Just imagine you are about to alight your Gondola on the Grand Canal of Venice, when you are whisked away with the incredible grandeur of one of the mos amazing palazzas in Venice - the Ca Rezzonico. You walk the centuries old wooden staircase to the entrance of this majestic home, people are milling everywhere and the fading light of the day is broken by a piece of lighting that will take your breath away. Before you, strung from the ceiling in all it's majestic brilliance is a Ca Rezzonico Chandelier.

Ca Rezzonico Murano Chandeliers have been modelled on those in the Rezzonico Palazzo, home of the Rezzonico family since 1649 on the Grand Canal in Venice. The building was eventually completed in 1756 by the great Venetian architect Giorgio Massari. The Ca Rezzonico is flamboyant with Torcello glass paste flowers, frilled arms and upturned accents making an oppulant Chandelier that is no longer the domian of the rich.

Just imagine this oppulant custom hand made Murano Chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a Club, Bar or Swanky Hotel foyer or grand ballroom, radiating with sheer brilliance and a talking point that will have the entire crowd in awe. What better way to advertise your business with word of mouth from people saying - "you should have seen the chandelier at Billy's Bar, it was absolutely amazing".

You will be pulling people through the door just to look at this masterpiece of Venetian glass blowing, once they are there I can assure you that just a single piece of lighting says a thousand words about the establishment and its owners. All our Ca Rezzonico chandeliers can be customised in any colour, size, shape or lighting combination you choose so the possibilities are absolutely endless. All that stands between you and owning your very own piece of the worlds best glass is YOU and YOUR imagination. Imagine, Create and Admire!

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