Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Deck lights are the perfect outdoor lighting solution to illuminate outdoor entertainment areas after dark.

There are many different types of outdoor deck lights as we discussed in our blog post, The Different Types of Deck Lights. Now that you know all about the different deck lights that are available, it’s now time to consider which lighting options are best suited to your property.

Take a look around at the different types of lights you may be interested in to get a rough idea of pricing before creating your budget for your deck lights.


Outdoor deck area featuring inground deck lights and downlights

Deciding on the lighting you’ll need

The first thing you need to do is look at what areas of your outdoor area, including your deck, that you want to illuminate. Think about what you will be using your deck for too. If you have a particular spot where you have a barbeque for example you’ll want to have a light nearby so you can cook up a feast even after the sun goes down.


Step Lighting

Do you have stairs leading to a grassed area? These stairs will need some form of illumination to ensure this area doesn’t become a safety hazard at night.

Do you have pool decking that needs lighting? If so, you’ll want to choose lighting with a high IP Rating and corrosion guarantee for this particular space as these lights may be constantly exposed to splashes of chlorinated or salt water.

Make a detailed list of the different areas that you think will need some form of illumination. You may add to it later, but it’s good to have as a starting point.


Wall light

Different lighting options available

Think about whether you’d like in your deck, perhaps a couple or wall lights and some step lights.

For patio and verandah dining areas, outdoor are ideal.

There’s also the other lights you already have or plan to have around your home’s perimeter so don’t forget things like to illuminate the pool area or for your pool plus.


Underwater lights and garden lights providing the perfect lighting

The different lights that you use need to compliment one another to create layers of lighting that will leave you with an outdoor space that is lit up just right once the sun goes down.

Spacing and using different light sources

One of the hardest considerations when installing deck lighting is spacing. You don’t want the lights to be too close together, so measure your patio or deck and then decide on how many deck lights you’ll need depending on where you want to place them eg. every 1 meter for example.

Then there is the railing and stairs that will also require illumination. Step lights are ideal for deck staircases.


Outdoor deck lighting allows inside entertainment areas to extend outwards

DIY or have a professional install your lights?

Some deck lights need to be installed by a licensed professional while others allow for DIY installation. If you are unsure of how lighting installation works and aren’t completely confident, then purchasing lights that require a licensed professional to install them for you is the best and safest way to go.

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