The benefits of hiring a locksmith

Locks are often the first line of defence in our homes as well as our businesses when it comes to securing property. This is not just on doors or windows, but also vehicles, cabinets and storage facilities, all of which have different types of locks that need to be properly fitted and maintained. This is also where the benefits of hiring a locksmith come in.

Security and peace of mind
If you are moving into a new apartment or business premise, getting a locksmith in to either replace the locks or rekey the existing ones should be part of your security checks. It is not possible always to know who may have duplicate keys or if locks are faulty, unless you get an expert in to take a look.
If you rekey or replace the existing locks it means that you have control over who gets a set of keys. Some locksmiths also offer a number of other security services such as the installation of CCTV or alarm systems. They can include this as part of the overall security checks and advise on the most appropriate system for you.

Lower insurance premiums
A locksmith can go through the property and test entrance points so if alterations need to be made, these can be carried out properly. They can recommend further home security, and if your property has been broken into, will be able to find out how any unwanted visitors managed to manipulate your current locking system. Installing proper locks and a robust security system can also help when it comes to getting quotes for home insurance.

Emergency services
There is nothing worse than arriving back home or showing up at the office in the morning, only to find that your keys are missing. Locksmiths are used to providing a 24 hour emergency service and have extensive experience in opening up locks without causing damage to doors or windows.
This is one of those instances when you shouldn’t DIY. Hiring a locksmith will not only save you money in the long run, but also the time involved in putting in insurance claims and waiting for new door frames or window panes to be refitted if you attempted to get in yourself.

Automotive support
Many locksmiths operate an invaluable service when it comes to helping people who have managed to lock themselves out of their vehicles. Again, the last thing you need is to cause damage to car windows or scratch your paintwork in a DIY attempt to force open the driver’s door. A locksmith can respond quickly in an emergency and come out to attend to your needs without you having to get the car back in the garage for an expensive respray.

Safe storage of property
While it is common for businesses to have a freestanding or wall safe for cash and other valuable items, more and more households are beginning to obtain the same as a form of safe storage for important documents and belongings.
Did you know? Professional locksmiths can help with the installation of discrete floor or wall safes so that family documents and valuables remain out of sight and securely locked away. More than just professionals at opening doors and installing locks, today’s locksmiths are experts in a wide range of skill sets, so you know who to call the next time you need one of the above services.