Create A Unique Statement In Your Garden

Create A Unique Statement In Your Garden

Spending some relaxing time in a beautiful garden is food for the soul in every essence! A blooming space that celebrates nature, calms the soul and inspires creativity is most often found in public gardens which are filled with interesting design choices. But what if you can create the same choices when planning a garden at home? Today we’ve got some answers! Here are a few options for a nature-filled space that makes a unique statement.
  • Use of Flowering Plants with Evergreens
Add flowers or flowering plants in conjunction with evergreens – splashes of colour break up green, provide variety, contrast and focal points. You don’t specifically have to plant flowers – a wide range of herbs and vegetables have beautiful flowers as well as all flowering vegetables and fruits.
You can also include cascading plants such as vines against your garden fence to add texture and length as shown in the image below. Or add a special pot that makes a statement and contrast the size of the plants or pots you surround it with and create dominance with the pot you want to highlight as the key feature.

  • Water Features
Water features are always a calming presence in the garden and they also help to diffuse external noise. Deciding where and how to install them can take much thought and careful planning. Consider the space itself, the type of surrounding vegetation involved, and what is practical for your time and budget.

  • Stylish Fencing
A fence is not just a structure that divides boundaries anymore. If chosen correctly, it not only adds privacy and structure to your garden, it also can add to the wow factor to today’s indoor/ outdoor living. Try to choose materials that are low maintenance. For example, a timber fence may look great to start with and the pricing of it will also seem very attractive in comparison to other fencing materials. However, timber fences are also bound to deteriorate quickly with rotting and termite infestation – which then brings up the cost in terms of regular maintenance; not to mention the effort! On the other hand, the more expensive brick walls are prone to cracking especially when they are near root systems.
Hence, you can opt for cost-effective modular wall and fence products which are low maintenance, rot and termite resistant, much more aesthetically appealing and can be installed in just a matter of days. For more details on our modular walling and fencing solutions, please .
  • Garden Seating
Gardens are quiet places of contemplation, and nothing promotes this thoughtfulness like a welcoming place to sit. Don’t hesitate to keep it simple!

  • Garden Pathways
Pathways create movement throughout the garden. Taking the time to make these walkways as beautiful as they are functional enhances an outdoor space. Instead of placing concrete tiles side by side, leave some room in between the stones, as shown below.

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