8 Budget Friendly Ways To Update The Look Of Your Restaurant

8 Budget Friendly Ways To Update The Look Of Your Restaurant

Giving your restaurant a make-over need not be a very costly exercise. In fact, there are quite a few things that you can do that won’t break the bank but which will give maximum impact.
Have a look at these ideas for quick and affordable ways of refreshing the look and feel of your establishment and making it more appealing to your clientele:

1. A fresh coat of paint
Nothing screams ‘old and tired’ than grubby, chipped and scratched paintwork, so if you’re keen on updating your restaurant - try a new coat of paint. Painting is such a versatile option and with so many colours, textures, treatments and techniques to choose from, it’s easy to achieve a whole new look without delving too deep into your wallet.

2. Strip the paint
Industrial chic is a strong decor trend and you can bring your restaurant right up to date by stripping the walls of paint and exposing the raw brick underneath. It takes a little bit of effort, but it’s a great way to modernise your interiors and introduce a whole new look.

3. Change the lighting
Lighting is often a neglected area of a restaurant, yet it plays such a critical part in creating ambience and atmosphere. You can instantly update the look of your establishment by changing your light fittings, and with so many funky and unique designs on the market today, you’re bound to find some that make a real style statement. From beaded chandeliers, enamel pendants, glass balls and wrought-iron wall sconces to modern LED lights - the choices are endless.

4. Go green
There’s a strong trend to bring the outdoors in, so adding some greenery to your restaurant will bring some freshness and authenticity to your restaurant. Potplants, vertical gardens on a feature wall and even hanging planters are all cheap and easy ways of changing the look and feel of the interior. Plus there’s a huge variety of pots and planters to choose from, which adds another dimension of ‘newness’ to your space.

Succulents are also a strong fashion trend at the moment. These are especially budget-friendly as they don’t need much water and actually survive well on neglect! They look great in large pots and also as table arrangements. Simply pop a small stem of an aloe plant or any other succulent into a glass or ceramic container and it’ll give your table settings an instant, modern update.

5. Wall art
Art is a great way of mixing up your interior decorating and with so much affordable art available on the internet these days, you can give your walls a whole new look quickly and easily. From colourful abstracts, peaceful landscapes and edgy urban creations to interesting multi-media creations, you can have a lot of fun choosing decorative wall art.

6. Update your table seating and settings
OK, new furniture isn’t the cheapest way of giving your restaurant a make-over but it could just be the one thing that shifts the space into a whole new gear. Imagine if you switched from classic bentwood chairs to modern acrylic ones? Or ditched your traditional white tablecloths in favour of glossy, black lacquered tabletops? What about adding some coloured chairs or stripping the paint from your existing ones to reveal a shabby chic timber feel? You should also play around with various seating arrangements and table settings to create a new look.

7. Freshen up the uniforms
It may be time for your wait staff to wear something different to make a style statement about your restaurant. New aprons, funky shirts, all black outfits or brightly coloured uniforms are all easy ways of sending a clear message that your restaurant has had a makeover.

8. Revitalise your al fresco area
An outside seating area can be a key differentiator (and revenue-booster) for a restaurant so it makes sense to keep it fresh, relevant and appealing to patrons. Installing outdoor blinds is an excellent (and surprisingly affordable) way of ensuring that you maximise the use of your al fresco area all year-round.

Outdoor seating is a proven way of maximising a restaurant’s patronage and revenues and quality outdoor blinds can add instant style, comfort, security and protection to any area. To find out more about how budget-friendly outdoor blinds can give your restaurant a fresh, modern look, get in touch with the professionals at Bozzy Shade Blinds. They have been in the business of manufacturing and installing al fresco and cafe blinds in Perth for years and they have an extensive range of quality outdoor blinds, shutters and awnings to choose from. Check out their products at www.bozzy.com.au or give them a call on 1300 800 234 for an obligation-free quote.