Party Time's For Fun and Games

Party Time's For Fun and Games

And it’s a good opportunity to network with colleagues and supervisors in a relaxed environment, national finance manager Jo Osborne says.

Osborne, who has been with the company for six years, says the family event is one of thehighlights of the festive season for her children, Fletcher, 4, and Amber, 7.

They love playing games with the more than 50 children who attend and look forward to a visit from Father Christmas.

Osborne says she plans to use the event as a chance to speak with co-workers, such as general manager Laurie Mallia, in an informal setting. ‘‘It’s about getting everyone together, from the sales people right through,’’ she says.

‘‘Any event that you can go to is a good networking opportunity. ‘‘It means so much to the kids — and the parents love it because happy kids means happy parents.’’

A workplace party also can be a chance for staff to mingle with people who work in other departments, with whom they may not deal directly.