Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

For many Aussie homeowners a swimming pool is the ultimate backyard investment, but the decision to install a pool is a big step for a lot of families and the process from start all the way through to finish can be a lengthy one.

Australian Outdoor Living is a leading supplier of pools in South Australia and general manager of the Pool Division Michael Robinson says in order to ensure a finished product in time for Summer, it's wise to take the plunge now rather than later.

"A lot of homeowners make the mistake of waiting till the temperature warms up before deciding to invest in a pool and this is simply because swimming is the farthest thing from homeowners' minds in the middle of Winter," he says.

"Installing a pool doesn't happen overnight; we recommend homeowners get the ball rolling now so that come December they have a brand new pool ready to be enjoyed, rather than a giant dirt hole in the backyard.

"When buying or installing a pool there are a number of decisons to make in terms of the pool's size , shape, colour and location, and on top of that there's compulsory insurances, planning and seeking the appropriate council approvals."

He says landscaping, budget and maintenance were all-important factors to consider as part of the decision-making process.

"These are all things homeowners can start thinking about now, because before we know it, it's going to be warming up and we'll be spending more time outside entertaining guests and playing with the kids," he says.

"Australian Outdoor Living is mindful that everyone has a different budget and so our team of professionals can individually tailor a swimming pool to meet the needs of each customer.

"We can install a swimming pool quite quickly after council approval and by purchasing heating you can enjoy your new pool all year round."

Australian Outdoor Living is a market leader in outdoor home improvement products and provider of Barrier Reef Pools, the largest fibreglass pool manufacturer in the country.