Best Aussie Vacation Spots You Might Consider Calling Home

Best Aussie Vacation Spots You Might Consider Calling Home

When you are having a great time on your vacation, thoughts always wonder through your mind about what it would be like to stay there forever. In many cases vacation spots don’t make great places to live. Australia cities are consistently voted the best places to live in the world; but what about Australia’s vacation spots? Here are some of the best vacation spots in Australia that are great places to call home.
Esperance, Western Australia
Esperance is on Western Australia’s southern coast on the Southern Ocean. It is a holiday spot that has been steadily growing in popularity but is not overly crowded. The population is about 10,000 according to the 2011 census and the major industries are tourism, agriculture, and fishing. The pristine white sand beaches and beautiful blue waters have been attracting nature loving vacation seekers since 1628. Boating, whale watching, fishing, marine sports, and visiting the nearby National Parks are all activities that Esperance residents can enjoy. Work life in the tourism industry can include working at restaurants or cafes, tour guides, park workers, fishing or boat charters, and much more.

Port Douglas, Queensland
Port Douglas is a town in Far North Queensland; it is located on Australia’s east coast adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef. So, of course, it is a vacation hot spot, but is not as crowded or fast paced as nearby Cairns to the south. Port Douglas is a port city with charters and tours to destinations on the Great Barrier Reef. However it is also close to the Daintree Rainforest. The Daintree Rainforest is the largest continuous and oldest rainforest in the world. With so much at your disposal, living here gives you plenty of time to explore both the rainforest and the reef in your spare time. The resident population for the 2011 census was 3,205; but during the tourist season from May to September the town is bustling with holiday goers.

Broome, Western Australia
Broom is in northern Western Australia and is located right on the coast and in the Kimberley Region. It is a unique location to visit and to live in because it is where the Outback meets the sea. The estimated population is 14, 436 year round, but during the tourist season, that swells to over 45.000 per month. Besides have a huge tourism industry, pearling is also big in Broome. Broome is a multicultural city. Many Chinese and Japanese pearl divers moved here in the 1870’s and Broome has a thriving China Town.

Port Fairy, Victoria
Port Fairy is located on the coast in Victoria and is still very reminiscent of an old fishing village. It is a quaint old town with lots of charm. It is at the end of the Great Ocean Road, so it is often visited by tourists, but is known for its small hometown feel. Port Fairy is Victoria’s oldest port and has a rich maritime history with an Irish flair thanks to the many Irish immigrants that made their way here in the mid 1800’s. Vacationers here can experience the laid back charm, which also appeals to residents of Port Fairy as well. The streets are lined with many antique stores, art and craft shops, boutiques and cafes. The rocky coastline is where the Australian fur seals can be seen playing. Boating and cruises are popular here for both fishing or seal and whale watching.

Byron Bay, New South Wales
Byron Bay is a popular stop for tourists; it is located in the northeastern section of New South Wales, close to the border of Queensland. Cape Byron is the easternmost location on the Australian mainland. Byron Bay’s temperate and tropical waters are a big tourist draw for surfing, snorkeling, and SCUBA diving. Living in Byron Bay is ideal because of the great schools and you will always have something to do between the nearby rainforests, national parks, and the Coral Sea.

Margaret River, Western Australia
Margaret River in Western Australia is one of Australia’s most popular towns with people who have visited there. The variety of different things to see and do make it a great place to stay on a more permanent basis. Margaret River is coastal town on the east coast in the southwest corner of Western Australia. The Margaret River region is famous for its wine vineyards and that attracts tourists as well as the world renowned surfing. In addition to that, the surrounds provide plenty of things to do all year round including activities on the Margaret River, nearby rainforests, national parks, and cave sights. Living in this town gives you the opportunity to work in a variety of different environments all within driving distance in industries like vineyards, agriculture, tourism, national parks, ocean side, and more.
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