Design Ideas to Help Warm Up Your Home for Fall

Design Ideas to Help Warm Up Your Home for Fall

As the weather starts cooling down, it’s time for a design change in your home. It doesn’t mean you have to change your whole room around either. There are some simple yet effective and inexpensive design accents and changes that you can make to cozy up any room or every room in your home. Follow along with us as we showcase some of the for making your home feel warm and cozy for the colder months of the year. Remember that not all of the designs have to be orange leaves and other distinct fall representatives. You can bring autumn designs in that add warmth, colours, and cozy to achieve the same goal. The trends for fall are bringing the outside in, layering fabrics, setting a fall table, and gathering around the hearth.

Bringing the Outside In for Fall Design

This trend capitalises on the need for inexpensive seasonal home decor changes. You can bring fall into your home (literally) with fall leaves, pumpkins, acorns, and other natural, local elements from your yard or local park. In most cases, this isn’t going to cost anything at all. You might supplement a vase or some parts of the decor to help show off the natural elements you bring in from outside. You might try a garland of leaves like pictured above or adding leaves, plants, or berries in a vase, clear box or whatever you choose. Another great idea is to glue acorns on a picture frame. When you bring the outside in, there is no question that your decor will have the colours and feel of fall.

Fall Table Scapes

Even if you aren’t having a dinner to celebrate fall, you can still decorate your table and make it a fall focal point of your seasonal design. Table centerpieces, fall flowers or foliage, table runners, pumpkins and gourds, and other fall favourites are some ideas to help your table represent fall. You can keep your same plates and just use fall colours to add in the seasonal element to the overall design.

Adding the Right Fabrics in the Right Places

There are many different ways to use fabrics to bring a warm and cozy feeling for fall to your home. In most cases, adding fabrics to decor can actually keep you warm in addition to creating a warm aura to any room. A plush look from fabrics is comforting in itself. Here are 8 ideas for adding fabrics for fall decor include:
  • Layering bedding brings in warmth and adds colour and textures. You likely already use more bedding for the fall and winter months, why not layer the bedding for added texture and colour? This is an economical way to change the colour scheme in your bedroom with items you already have.
  • Table skirts add colour and a softer fabric look to your dining room or kitchen table. Instead of changing your table or dish wear to incorporate fall colours, a table runner can do the job instantly.
  • Using a sheep’s skin blanket or throw brings in comfort and warmth. An added benefit is that you will be supporting an important Australian industry when you by sheep’s skin.
  • Hanging heavier drapes can help change the entire look and feel of a room. Help add to the warming effect by choosing a warm or deep colour for the drapes.
  • Add an area rug to warm up cold tile or wood flooring. Fewer things can help you feel cozy in the fall than the feeling of a warm and fuzzy rug under your feet.
  • Lay a warm throw blanket over your couch or sofa and add throw pillows for added coziness. Extra throws and pillows in your guest spaces will keep your guests warm and fuzzy feeling too.
  • Quilts aren’t just for beds - put extra quilts over furniture for a warmer look for the fall.
  • Add slipcovers to your couches and chairs to take away the cold appearance of wood. This also gives you an opportunity to change the colour scheme of a room without replacing all the furniture.

Gather Around the Hearth

The fireplace can become an important focal point for the colder months. To help facilitate this, rearrange your living room or sitting room furniture around the fire. It is a great place for conversation among family and guests. For another change up idea, how about having a meal by the fire? This makes for a cozy and romantic option for dinner. Choosing to watch the fire burn instead of the television will definitely help your family feel warmer in more ways than one.