Front Yard and Backyard Makeovers Part 2

Front Yard and Backyard Makeovers Part 2

We previously featured some front yard and backyard makeovers and since they were so popular, we wanted to do a new piece on them and show you what a difference some design upgrades and landscaping can make. When selling your home, the front yard and backyard can make a big difference in the asking price, selling price, and most importantly, a buyer’s decision. Today we are featuring 3 front yard makeovers and 3 backyard makeovers that will make a big difference in how fast you can sell your house and can even add to the asking price.

Front Yard Curb Appeal

A nice front yard can add that all important curb appeal to your home. The front yard gives potential buyers the ever-important first impression of your home as soon as they pull up. Investing a small amount in design and, paint, and landscaping can make the difference between selling your home, or staying on the market.

Front Yard Makeover #1

Front Yard Before 1 Photo Credit:

Front Yard Before 1 Photo Credit:

An inviting walkway, trimmed grass, new paint, and a few new shrubs turn the front of this home into a cute and inviting environment. When you think of the house from a buyer’s point of view, it is easy to see what changes should be made.

Front Yard Makeover #2

Front Yard Before 2 Photo Credit:

Front Yard After 2 Photo Credit:

This is a dramatic makeover for this front yard. You can imagine how much of a difference this would make in the mind of a potential buyer. The screened-in patio was converted into a sitting patio. Brick was added to accent the front of the home. The brick combined with the flower garden and landscaping transforms this into a cottage style front yard instead of a barren and boring.

Front Yard Makeover #3

Front Yard Before 3 Photo Credit:

Front Yard After 3 Photo Credit:

A home that is overgrown with ivy might seem like a daunting task to overcome. Calling in a professional landscaper to help clear the land can relieve a big part of that burden on you. This is another example of how a walkway or steps leading up to your house can be very inviting and welcoming. Painting the house white also helped it stand out among the new landscaping. If it were still brown with this new landscaping, it would just blend into the landscape.

Backyard Makeovers

Just as the front yard is usually the first impression, the backyard is often the last impression. First and last impressions are both important when selling your home. Leaving your backyard plain can be a detriment, especially if the new home buyers have no imagination. Instead, show them a glimpse of what can be done with the space. Remember, you can still choose to take backyard furniture or potted plants with you.

Backyard Makeover #1

Backyard Before 1 Photo Credit:

Backyard After 1 Photo Credit:

This is a perfect example of staging a backyard scene so that buyers can have an idea of what to do with the space. Most of the additions can be taken with you to your new home when you move. Just like you might stage the inside of your home with furniture and neutral designs, you can stage your backyard as well. This sitting area and potted plants make a lovely and quaint extra sitting room for a backyard.

Backyard Makeover #2

Backyard Before 3 Photo Credit:

Backyard After 3 Photo Credit:

This is another great example of staging a backyard patio space and what a difference it can make between having nothing and something in a space. This space didn’t even look like a table and plants could fit in it when it was empty. Showing potential buyers what a space can be can help sell it. In this case, the outdoor rug, table, chairs, settings, and potted flowering plants all can be completely staged and you can bring them with you to make a lovely back patio seating area in your new home after doing the job and selling your current one.