11 Essential Considerations When Putting in a New Patio

What better way to enjoy evenings and gatherings with families and friends than with a new (or newly renovated) patio for your home. But how to go about deciding what kind, how to build it, where to build it, materials, design, size, style, and colour scheme?

With so much to choose from and decide for an ideal relaxing spot at your front (or back) door! Use these 11 suggestions to help you put your plan together for your dream space.
  1. What do you plan on using your patio for? Is it for year-round entertaining? Warm weather BBQs? Or more of a family room or entertainment for the kids to keep the mayhem outside the home. A patio can also be used as a makeshift garden centre, a meeting place, or whatever your imagination dreams up. Decide your primary use first.
  2. Your use determines how you build it. Enclosed? Alfresco? Direct sun, shaded, facing east, west, weather considerations, attached, accessories, amenities – the list is endless. How hi-tech do you want to go? Factor it into your building plans as you brainstorm the patio of your dreams.
  3. Materials – your use also determines the materials you can use. Depending on what you plan to use your patio for – and when – this will change the materials used to build it. Ask us for recommendations on materials that are cost-efficient and effective both in the long-term and won't break your budget now.
  4. Take notice of the area you plan to install the patio – watch how the weather changes and how it impacts the area. Notice the sunlight, rainfall, humidity, the wind, etc., how that area is affected by weather and climate changes. Decide if this is where you want the patio to be after observing the area for a bit. Consider observing a few areas around your house the same way, if possible, to determine the best location for the patio.
  5. If you plan to use the patio as a dining area, for parties or a family area, it would be best to keep it near the kitchen or near the main route to the kitchen and barbecuing area. This is necessary for the easy transport of food and for cleanup (and the prevention of rodents!). Factor this into your planning.
  6. If you're considering the patio as a quiet place for reading, a home office, or other outdoor haven, water-proofing considerations are in order for accessories such as televisions, computers, internet, and other electronics.
  7. If the patio is to be used for storage of pool supplies or swim items such as towels and other things that can easily get mouldy when left in dark enclosed spaces, consider placing it in a spot that gets bright sunlight most of the day for mould prevention.
  8. Other details to consider in a patio – ceiling fans for beating the early summer heat; air conditioning for beating the real summer heat; blinds and privacy shades depending on location (and the neighbours!); internet installation; floor drains (leaks and waterproofing); electric and other amenities. What you have installed depends on how you want to use it.
  9. Want a winter relaxation haven but don't want the cold nipping at your toes? Try an outdoor fireplace in your patio! What better way to relax on a cold winter night than away from it all in your own quiet patio – with the warm crackle of your very own fire pit on your new patio!
  10. Outdoor ovens? Entertaining often? Need open areas that adjust to your changing needs. Great Aussie Patios can make it happen. Contact us to discuss your needs and toss ideas.
  11. Let the professionals help you. Confused about where to start? Not sure which patio is best for your home? Contact us directly for recommendations and to discuss your patio ideas and how best to decide on your options.