The winter/summer outdoor room

The winter/summer outdoor room

Quite often outdoor structures are designed to fix a main issue to increase comfort, be it reduce the summer heat or keep the light but stop the rain; or achieve a particular goal, a great looking entertaining area. So when trying to improve comfort, there has always usually been compromises made. With the correct planning and research, you can reduce your compromise.

When planning for a pergola or patio cover, consider what you need to sit underneath, and how much space you’ll need to get around without being exposed to the rain or burning sun.

One of the main compromises you might have to make is choosing either to retain light, or block the heat.
A new roof sheeting Pergola Land has tested and now offers standard is arcoPlus®IR, which unlike the other polycarbonates offered, is a Bi-Colour Multiwall Polycarbonate with IR Filtering. The Bi-Colour and IR Filter provides a better improvement over the other Multiwall-like roof sheetings by filtering out more of the suns invisible energy, Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red yet allows more of the visible light spectrum to pass. Sounds great doesn’t it? What this translates to is: a better roof sheet, more light and less heat. Combined with an Aluminium frame you would have a very modern, versatile outdoor living space giving you light in winter and helping reduce the heat in summer. Other great means to help mitigate heat is using gable profiles and roof brackets. The roof brackets attach the patio pergola above the gutter on the roof; it increases air-flow plus provides maintenance access to the gutters.

Pergola Land has been designing and constructing Pergolas and Patio Covers for over 20 years and the best tip for any new outdoor living space is, it starts with research. Find companies offering the service you would like, give them a call and find out if they service your area; describe your project to ensure it is something they are capable or willing to do. It is always advisable to visit their showroom and see first hand what they offer in style and materials. An honest quote comes out of a site consultation but never feel pressured into being sold to or signing up on the spot. One of the biggest tips for dealing with large trade projects is make sure the business is properly registered, licensed and insured.

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