Zoo Gives Littlehampton Pavers Thumbs UP

Zoo Gives Littlehampton Pavers Thumbs UP


Littlehampton Clay Bricks and Pavers have long had a reputation for producing clay bricks and pavers of unique character and quality. The 100% South Australian owned family business have recently had many large interstate orders placed for some high profile jobs.

The latest consignment has been ordered by one of Australia’s most prestigious landmarks, Taronga Park Zoo. After two years of searching Australia wide, Littlehampton cobblestone pavers were their first choice for paving all driveway and walkway areas. The Littlehampton sales staff’s hard work in securing the deal was rewarded with seven shipping container loads ordered for delivery via rail later this month.

Sales manager Mr Wayne Hunter said the zoo had sampled many products from manufacturers around Australia but none had the look, quality or strength of the Littlehampton cobblestone paver.

“The zoo’s committee where trying to source clay pavers that had tumbled edges and enough strength and durability for heavy traffic, but also had to be safe enough for pedestrian paths. We recommended the old red cobblestone’s because they are thicker than the standard range and have a heritage look much like the older cobbled streets of London.”

Simon said the manufacturing process for making the cobblestone pavers is very time consuming but the end result speaks for itself. Every single cobblestone paver is individually hand tumbled before they are kiln fired taking up to three days of manual labour.

“Being a boutique manufacturer has its benefits as our production techniques have not changed over the years, enabling us to produce a unique range of clay pavers unlike any found on the market today.”

The cobblestone’s and all of the Littlehampton range of clay pavers are kiln fired to extreme temperature baking the colours in for life so they will never fade like cement pavers.

If you would like to see completed examples of cobblestone pavers throughout Adelaide, just call Bill or Mark at the factory office for an address list on 08 8391 1855. The boys can also recommend a professional layer to do the job for you, or they can offer you expert do it yourself advice.

Littlehampton Clay Brick and Paver Company is the oldest and most highly acclaimed brickworks in the state today, manufacturing a boutique range of hand made clay bricks and pavers on the same factory site since 1892. Their open hours are 8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 1pm Saturday’s.

Website: www.sales@littlehamptonbrick.com.au