ArcoPlus®IR  - the bi-colour polycarbonate

ArcoPlus®IR - the bi-colour polycarbonate


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arcoPlus®IR - the bi-colour polycarbonate
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Photography by Roger Bishop (Pergola Land)

Pergola Land is proud to announce the arrival of a new innovative polycarbonate roof sheeting that is becoming the standard across our range of patio covers and pergolas; arcoPlus®IR the Bi-Colour Multiwall Polycarbonate with IR Filtering. Compared to the industry standard multicell polycarbonate sheets available on the market, and those we previously used, arcoPlus®IR sheeting is a higher performing polycarbonate that allows more light and less heat to pass. The technology behind it makes it currently the superior roof sheet on the market and is aimed for those after quality and performance.

This new roof sheeting is produced in a country where alfresco living is synonymous with its lifestyle. Designed and manufactured in Italy, arcoPlus®IR lets light in but not heat with an innovative UV reflection and IR absorption allowing more visible light energy to pass through but reduces a greater amount of invisible energy.

The new arcoPlus®IR is now on display in our lifestyle showroom:
Unit 19 / 10 Pioneer Avenue, Thornleigh NSW 2120.

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