5 Tips which can help you Identify Red back Spiders

5 Tips which can help you Identify Red back Spiders

When we talk about spiders, the first thing comes to our mind is the creative webs that the spiders make and the fictional superhero “Spiderman”. All the spiders are not harmful, having said that, some species of spiders bite which case allergies. One such harmful spider specie which is endemic in Australia are those that red stripe on the rear. They are called redback spiders. They are close to 1 cm in length, have toxic venoms which means it is quite dangerous to have them around. So, it becomes important to identify these creatures, where they hide and what they feed on to do an effective redback Spider Pest Control.

How to Identify these and what do they Feed on:
  1. These spiders have a noticeable red strip on its abdomen. The female red back spider small and its size is about 3 to 10 mm in length. These female spiders are more dangerous than the male ones.
  2. Female spiders are black or brownish and may not have the red stripe. The mark is thick and shaped like an arrow pointing towards the head.
  3. Female spiders also have an hour-glass shaped red marking on the underside of their abdomen.
  4. Male spiders are in lighter brown with white markings and a paler hourglass mark on their belly.
  5. Redback spiders don’t live near each other, there can be more than one in the same area, if the vicinity is good for its web, corner of a shed or near low shelves.
  6. They eat almost all the insects, the insects get caught in the webs and that is how a spider feeds.
  7. They also eat skins and juvenile mice, snakes and frog.
  8. The redback spiders also eats its siblings.
A Few tips to Control Red-back Spider:

These redback spiders are dangerous and venomous. Its bite spreads toxic venoms. They exit in the forest and deserts alike. The redback spiders originated in Western Australia. These have colonized the urban areas in the early 1900s. The modern-day redback spiders rely on humans for their food, they are widely spread in the well areas. The reported cases of the red spider and a trip to the hospital were about 2000 year. No cases of death were reported in the last 50 years since the time anti-venom was introduced. A few tips to control redback spider:

It is better to contact the Pest Control management to get professional help though you can also do it on your own if the concentration of spiders is more.

Firstly, you could clean all the cobwebs. You can use a stick and twist until the web is destroyed. Also, ensure to wear some gloves and shoes while you are on this work. Don’t forget the ceiling and corners of the room, check thoroughly. If the presence of spiders is not reduced at all, you must also check the roof cavity. Spray pesticides in the areas where you have cleared.
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