5 ways Fleas can be Dangerous for you too

5 ways Fleas can be Dangerous for you too

Let us see a little background of fleas. They have evolved in the early Jurassic ages between 125 to 150 million years ago. Fleas are the most important ectoparasites of humans among the several species that spread infectious diseases like plague. Most fleas may be found on domestic animals. These pets may become home for breeding the fleas or bridging hosts for fleas. This article provides flea control treatment and flea removal.

Fleas can Cause the Below:
  1. Rats are carrier for the type of flea carrying Murine typhus. Cats that come in contact with infected fleas can carry the disease back to home. As per the Texas Department of State Health Services, humans usually get typhus from a flea bite. Typically when the bug bites, they defecate at the same time. The bacteria found in the feces enters the body via the wound of from the person who scratches the bite area. It is recommended to see a doctor as soon as possible if you feel that you have a flea bite because if you wait to get treated immediately, you may get hospitalized and the infection may take time to subside.
  2. Mycoplasma haemofelis is another type of disease caused by parasitic bacteria which is transmitted to cats through flea bites. This causes disease in cats and the humans because of their low immune system.
  3. Cat Scratch Disease (Bartonella henselae (B. henselae): The bacteria that causes cat scratch fever is common in felines, kittens have this bug at some point in their lives. Some cats do get severe symptoms like severe vomiting, red eyes and swollen lymph nodes, it is recommended to treat your pet at a veterinary. If a human gets a scratch from an infected cat or a bite, or the cat licking around the wound, this disease may spread.
  4. Tapeworms: These are parasites, often present in our homes, in the dog’s, cat’s and human intestines. Pets can get tapeworms by swallowing the adult feces. It is not very common in adults, it can happen if a person swallows a flea in the food accidentally, can happen outdoors or in the parks. Children and pets pass these through their bowel movements.
Tips to Protect Yourself:
  1. Wash your hands whenever you get in contact with your pet.
  2. Do not allow children to put their dirty hands in their mouth.
  3. Clean the area of your pet’s waste daily.
  4. If you have pets at home, get the pets tested regularly. Administer year-round preventive medications as a safety measure to control the internal parasites.
Flea Control Treatment:

It is important to do a Flea Control Treatment for the flea removal for the same reason that they are dangerous. A few home remedies like pest sprays and flea repelling plants that can repel the insects. The plants are Penny Royal, Chrysanthemums, Lavender, and Spearmint.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Services

If nothing seems to help, then it is better to seek professional help. Contact the Pest Control in Brisbane management services and schedule an appointment for flea removal with Marks Pest Control.

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