6 Common Cockroaches Found In Sydney

6 Common Cockroaches Found In Sydney

Cockroaches exist in just about every corner of the world, so you are likely to find them in your Sydney home at some point. Not all cockroaches are the same, though. Here's what you need to know about the six most common types of cockroach in Australia.

1. American Cockroach
This is one of the largest species of cockroach, measuring 30 to 40 mm in length. Although they typically scurry along the ground, these creatures also have fully developed wings, so they can fly when they need to. They usually hang out in areas that are dark and humid.

2. Australian Cockroach
Despite their name, these critters are not native to Oz. They are only slightly smaller than the American variety and often have yellow bands around the head and along the sides of the body. They usually spend the day outside in your garden, but they often sneak inside or under your deck at night.

3. Brown Banded Cockroach
These are some of the smallest cockroaches you'll find in Sydney, measuring only 10 to 15 mm in length. These creatures are nocturnal, so you'll likely only see them at night. They are drawn to areas that are especially warm and also have a fondness for starchy foods.

4. German Cockroach
These little guys are similar in size to the brown banded cockroaches, and they have two dark stripes running down their backs. You are most likely to find them in kitchens, bathrooms and other warm, humid areas.

5. Oriental Cockroach
These 20- to 25-mm cockroaches generally prefer to live outside rather than inside your home. You'll often see them in and around your rubbish bins or garden waste. Although the males of the species do have wings, they are underdeveloped, so they cannot fly.

6. Smoky Brown Cockroach
These cockroaches are shiny and dark brown in colour. They like to eat decomposing matter, like rotting trees and mouldy food. Although they prefer to live outside, they can still be found in kitchens and bathrooms at night, bringing bacteria and decay with them.

Solve Your Cockroach Issues
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