Are Bedbugs Just Found In Beds?

Are Bedbugs Just Found In Beds?

Bed bugs are small insects that are typically infesting your beds. Bed bug infestations a serious problem as it can affect your health, well being and peace of mind. Bed bugs infestations are very difficult to get rid of and they have a habit of reappearing. Most of the pesticides used to treat bed bugs work fine on them but have no effect on their eggs. Some common signs of bed bug infestations can be their bites. Just like mosquitoes, bed bugs live and survive on human blood. So when you are asleep they will come out and bite your exposed skin. The appearance of red bumps or itchy rashes on your skin can be a sign of bed bug bite. You should hire professional pest control services for bed bug eradication. There is a common myth believed by a lot of people that bedbugs only infest your bed or mattress. In this blog, we are going to debunk it and throw some light on various other places and things which can be infested by bed bugs.

Wallpaper Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are very small in size and oval in shape. They are about the width of a credit card so they can easily infest and hide in your home wallpaper. Bed bugs can move and crawl into small spaces and crevices. Hire a professional pest control service for inspection of bed bugs infestations and bed bug control if you happen to face it.

Baseboard Bed Bugs

Baseboards and wooden floorings are another common habitats for bed bug infestations. You can find their presence in the baseboards junction where wall or ceiling meets or in the wooden floorings.

Furniture Bed Bugs
Your furniture and upholstery can harbour bed bug infestation without you being able to notice. After beds, your furniture is the most common place for bed bugs to infest. Chances are if you have bed bugs infestation they will always be in the mattress or the upholstery. Always hire a professional pest control service for effective bed bug control.

Cabinets, Bookshelves and Wooden Frames

Another commonplace for bed bugs to infest if your wooden wall frames, cupboards and bookshelves. Just like mosquitoes bed bugs will survive on human blood so anything which can come in contact with your skin can easily get affected by bed bugs.

Professional Pest Control

Bed bugs infestations can lead to many problems for your health and well being. You should hire our professional Pest Control Service in Melbourne. We always use safe and effective pesticides and advance treatments for bed bug control. We will provide one time solutions for all kinds of bed bugs infestation problems. Our professional pest controllers are equipped with all the latest tools and equipment which can help us deliver the best bed bug control service for you.