Genius Tips to Control Rodents at Your Home

Genius Tips to Control Rodents at Your Home

Rodents can affect your normal lifestyle. They can cause big damage to your home. These creatures are also very invasive and can intrude on your homes very often. Even a small amount of food can attract these creatures to invade your home.

Using rat kills may not be the right solution, especially if you have small kids or pets at your home. You have to be more cautious and discover new ways to effectively force rodents out of your home.
Rodent infestation is a major problem and so to deal with it you have to look around for genius hacks. Here in this article we will try and share a few such genius tricks that can keep mice away from your home and life.

Block their Passage

Rodents usually have a very sharp memory. They are also very much alert. This is why they usually make use of the same entry and exit points that they find safe. It can be usually a small home or a sewage outlet. A hole in the pipe or your door can also offer with perfect exit and entry point.
So the moment you find this point it is better to seal it off. You can make use of steel wool to block its entry and exit points. Stuffing the hole with metal wired wool will also ensure that rodents may not succeed in biting it.

Maintain Bright Light Passage

Rodents are nocturnal and so they try and avoid exposure to bright light conditions. It certainly may not be possible for you to maintain bright light 24x7 but to prevent them from entering your home this can be done. So the moment you notice rodents trying to enter your home, you can flash bright light at the.

Rodents usually avoid falling prey to a bright light condition as they never want to encounter human contact. So they will try and stay away from your home.

Use Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil does not smell very pleasant for humans and for rodents as well. Early mornings and late nights you can use peppermint oil to clean the floor. Peppermint oil is considered as the best method for effective rodent pest control.

But if you have any other pet at your home then it is generally recommended not to use peppermint oil as it can lead to irritation in the lungs.

Use Antifreeze

Rodents are very allergic to cold and so they avoid touching ice and antifreeze. To help keep rodents away from your home you can leave some amounts of antifreeze in kitchen utensils. Even if rodents taste some amount of antifreeze they will get poisoned immediately.
You may also find antifreeze rat kills available in the market. This technique is considered as the best genius method to help keep rodents from infesting your home very often.

Where Do We Come in the Picture?

If your home is having open manholes and sewage points then you should keep it covered all the time. You can cover the holes using weighted bricks. Rodents may not be able to move the bricks. This will prevent them from invading your home. Apart from this, you can also contact professional services such as Pest Busters - Pest Control Brisbane that can offer you professional services which can make you breathe a sigh of relief.

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