How Much Does Pest Control Cost? (For House Owners)

How Much Does Pest Control Cost? (For House Owners)

Do you have some pests in your house? Have you ever thought about how much it costs to control those pests? Well, while the presence of pests in our homes is something familiar, very few people think of the cost implication involved in their control.

This article provides you with an in-depth insight into the cost-effectiveness of house pests by exploring different aspects of pest control.

Pest control defined

Pests are animals that cause adverse effects on human activities, defines pest control as the regulation, management, and eradication of these animals.

Importance of controlling pests

Pests are unwelcome guests in our homes, and undoubtedly, it is essential to keep them off. Though there are numerous reasons why people find it necessary to carry out pest control, below are the three importances of keeping pests out of your house:
  • Safety of food and drinking water

Some pests feed on food and water that we use for our domestic needs and infect them with bacteria that cause diseases like typhoid. Thus, ensuring your house is safe from pests. This also assures you that your food and water is fit for human consumption.
  • Prevent your house from damage

Pests like termites can cause severe destruction in homes, especially those built by wood. To avoid such losses and increase the durability of your house, you need to keep these pests off as much as possible.
  • Safe from pest-caused allergies

Some pests carry elements that can cause severe allergic effects to the skins of both adults and children. Pests like mosquitoes and bedbugs are notorious in causing skin rashes.

Dangers of pest infestation to your family

Pests can multiply very fast, and it only needs a couple to build a colony in a matter of days. It is disturbing to think that we do share our houses with these pests when you think of the danger they pose on our health.

According to, the risks brought by a large number of pests in our homes include:

  • Destruction of properties like clothes and bedding by pests like rats that feed on them

  • Contamination of food and drinking water thus, causing diseases

  • Diseases like malaria that is caused by mosquitoes bites

  • Stings from pests like swaps that can be allergic

  • Poisonous bites from pests like spiders

  • Sleep disturbance by pests like a bedbug

How often should you carry out pest control activity?

There is no specific time when you should do pest inspection and control. The period after which you need to carry out this exercise depends on the level of pest infestation and the region you live in.

If there are already some pests in your house, you should consider carrying out pest control every three or six months. If there is none, doing this inspection after every year will be excellent for you.

For better information on this, you should alliance with your local pest control service provider to advise you on the schedule that will be suitable for you. They can also advise you on:
  1. The cost implication of pest control
  2. Factors influencing the pest control cost
  3. Type of the pest to be controlled
  4. Infestation size and severity of the damage caused by pests
  5. Scope of the infected property by the pests
  6. Nature of the treatment required to control the pests
  7. The number of treatments needed to eradicate the pests.
  8. The state or the town you live in

The monetary cost of pest control

If you have pests in your house, the first thing you want is to get rid of them completely. The best way to do this is to hire a professional and experienced pest control service provider.

The cost of pest control will highly vary due to the factors stated above. Therefore, the price listed below should only be treated as an estimate, though the actual cost will fall around these estimates.

At household level the estimates are as follows according to

Pest control services estimated cost warrant
  • General treatment of exterior and interior $180-$220 12 months
  • Interior treatment only $120-$145 12 months
  • Flea treatment and control $135-$150 3 months
  • Control of rodents and mice $120-$155 3 months
  • Treatment of ants $145-$330 3-12 months
  • Termite inspection $220
  • Termite barrier $660-$4000

We may not completely eradicate pests from our homes, but we can minimize the damage they cause. To avoid the massive cost of repairing your house, carry out pest control as soon as you notice their presence.

Don't wait for a few months later, for the damage caused might be unimaginable.