How to Keep Your Pet Birds Tick-Free

How to Keep Your Pet Birds Tick-Free

Pet birds are prone to attacks by tick and other parasites. This parasitism can affect birds with extreme itchiness. Other than it, feather damage can be another reason which can help you to spot Tick Infestation. Therefore, Pet & wild birds are different, that is why bird owners need to pay attention.

How Vulnerable is Your Pet Bird to Tick?

Entire bird species is prone to tick infestation. However, only a few bird species can suffer serious infestation.
Some of the species can manage to shake off ticks on their own. While some others are very prone to it. You should always count on species which are less prone to tick attacks. Therefore, Keep in mind that if one bird has a tick, the other birds have it as well.

How Can You Protect Them?

Clean the bird cage with a strong cleaning solution recommended by your veterinarian. Disinfect the cage and the areas around it to prevent re-infestation.
  • Remove droppings and other debris from the bottom of the cage. Doing this, will help to prevent ticks from inhabiting the cage and spreading bacteria.
  • Treat your affected pet with a prescribed insecticide. Be careful in using the solution. Avoid contact with the solution with your pet’s eyes.
  • Put up a dish of sand in your bird’s cage.
  • As a result, your pet will be able to dust itself. and will protect against mites or ticks.
  • Never mind the mess in the cage or on the floor of the room where you put your bird in..
Give Your Birds a Bath;

It is a natural process wherein birds preen their feathers and distribute natural oils on their feathers. This leads to creation of a shield and protection against ticks and mites. Therefore, You may opt to put a bowl of clean water for your birds’ bath. Other than this, you may opt to spray them with water on regular intervals.

If you suspect tick infestation from wild birds that perch around, you may opt to keep them enclosed. Small ticks can enter into your home through nicks and corners. Therefore, It is best to seal and caulk those entry points to get rid of ticks infestation. Hire professional pest control for all your pest control services. If you want to know about Top Benefits of Professional Pest Control than read our blog.


As pet owners, we would not want to see our pets suffer from pest infestation. Therefore, We should give our pets the care and love that they deserve from us. It is our duty to let them live in a nice and clean home. If our home happens to host some pests, we should strive to remove those pests by DIY methods.

You may also opt to contact Pest Control St Kilda in order to get rid of tick infestation and proper pest control.