Spend on the Best Mattresses and not on Bed Bugs

Spend on the Best Mattresses and not on Bed Bugs

Today one of the most common problems faced by every second house owner is, unfortunately, bed bugs. However, there are multiple things which you can do for reducing the risk of bed bug infestation, and there are many ways you can deal with the unpleasant situation. Here is the detailed overview of the bed bugs, which include the total information and ways to remove them from your mattress recommended by bed bug pest control experts.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are known to be the reddish or brown colored and small parasitic insects and their primary source of food in the blood of a human. Hence, they are visible to the eye of the human and are quite small that ranges from 1 millimeter to 7 millimeters long depending upon their age. You can think about something small enough such as the tip of the pencil. These irritating are nocturnal and feed at night time by sucking the blood of humans like a mosquito while you are asleep.

The residential pest control experts have found that bed bugs suck blood by piercing your skin. They tend to bite to the exposed areas of the body which are not covered by pajamas such as necks, face, arms, and feet. The most preferred living environment for the bed bugs are mattresses, beds, bed frames, box spring and they can also live in fabric-covered upholstery items such as a sofa.

Why Bed Bug is a Problem?

Since bed bugs are known to transmit zero diseases to the body of a human, they do not pose any type of danger. However, bed bugs are known to be extremely disgusting and they can stain your bedding as well as a mattress with the blood and feces. The bites of bed bugs themselves may itch and it is minor discomfort when it is compared with a psychological toll. When you deal with the infestation of bed bugs, there is a slight change in the air which can give your house some creepy crawlies.

Techniques to Remove Bed Bugs
  • Strip all the mattresses of your bed and place the blankets, beds, mattress covers, duvets and pillows inside the sealed trash bag. You can also transfer all these from the trash bag to the washing machine. You need to wash them thoroughly and dry them on the hot setting for at least 30 minutes.
  • Use a stiff brush or comb for scrubbing the bed bugs and their eggs from your furniture and mattress.
  • Move your bed away from the windows or walls and set the traps at each leg of the bed.
  • Once you have done with the cleaning of the mattress, and then encase the same in the prevention case of bed bugs for a year at least to ensure that remaining bacteria are killed.
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