The Cost of Termite Inspections

The Cost of Termite Inspections

It may be difficult to imagine how much damage termites can do to your home. Yet, ask anyone who has had to deal with them, and they will tell you it runs into thousands of dollars.

What makes them so dangerous is that they are very hard to detect. By the time you realise how much damage they have caused, it may be too late.

You are, therefore, better off consulting an expert to do a termite inspection. You will save money plus the headache of having to rid your property of the termites.

What Does A Termite Inspection Entail?

Getting to know whether there are termites on your property is difficult. It is, therefore, essential that you let an expert or professional do the checking for you.

Unless you have the relevant expertise, you may end up missing the signs of termite infestation. You may also not know the right areas to check. Even if you do find them, you may not be in a position to determine how much damage they have caused to your property.

The experts will look at all the areas within your property using specialised equipment. Such equipment includes thermal imaging cameras, microwave, moisture metre, Termatrac termite detector, among others.

It takes time, and the right level of expertise to detect those little creatures that can bring down your home.

What Will Determine The Inspection Cost?

Different factors will determine how much you will pay for a termite inspection. Such include:-
  • Size of the house
  • The design of your house
  • How accessible the property is
  • Size of the Land
  • Whether the Professionals will need any specialised equipment
  • Whether your building is on a termite zone
The pricing may be in the range of $250 to $350. For larger properties, you may end up paying $500 or more. You must give the relevant details so that you get a proper quote.

Depending on the company, some will ask that they have a walk-through of the property to get a better picture, before they give you a cost breakdown.

What Areas of the Property Will the Experts Inspect?

The Professionals will inspect different areas including:-
  • All accessible areas with timber
  • The roof void
  • The interior and exterior parts of the house
  • The garden and any areas with landscaping
  • The fences

What Will the Report Cover?

Once the experts inspect your property, they will give you a detailed report, which will let you know whether you have an infestation or not.

If the latter, it will inform you about the level, so that you can arrest it before it becomes severe. You will get information on the following:-
  • The area that the professional has inspected
  • The findings
  • Which areas they consider a high risk
  • Which areas they were not able to access
  • Recommendations on how to control the termites

It is essential that you work with a reputable incensed company that is compliant with the Australian standard AS 3660. They should also be willing to give you a warranty or money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

You should prevent a termite infestation problem by letting the professionals inspect your property. The damage they cause can cost you thousands of dollars.

In some cases, you may have to bring down the structure because it has become weak. Work with a reputable company that has the right type of equipment to do a proper inspection.