Top 10 Australian Pests

Top 10 Australian Pests

Australia is a diverse continent filled with desert, jungle, coastal waters, urban areas, and suburban areas. No matter which area of Australia you live in, you’re going to have to deal with pests at some point. This is something that every homeowner cannot escape because pests inhabit all types of environments.

1) Cockroaches

Cockroaches like to inhabit warm environments. When it is cold outside, cockroaches will want to take shelter inside where it is warmer. They are attracted to food and moisture, so humidity is another factor. If you have organic materials lying around, such as food particles, pet faeces, or cardboard, then they will be attracted to them.

It is important to eliminate cockroaches quickly because they carry diseases from the filth they like to inhabit. The signs of cockroaches in your home may include little black droppings, shed skin, food packaging damage, and a strange odour in the room. Cockroaches are big bugs, so you won’t have a problem noticing them either.

2) Ticks

Ticks are always ready to feed on warm-blooded mammals, especially humans and dogs. If you like to run around outside or go hiking in the woods, then check yourself over afterward to see if you have any ticks stuck to your skin.

A tick infestation problem happens outdoors more than it does indoors. If you have a garden or some other foliage around your property, then it could be a haven for ticks. This will cause a problem for you and your family whenever you’re walking outside near these areas.

3) Fleas

Do you have pets in your home? If so, then your home is more susceptible to flea infestations. As more fleas make their way into your home, they will begin to nest in the carpeting and other dark places.

You’ll notice their presence because fleas will bite your skin constantly. Their bites will feel like an itch on your skin, followed by little red sores. They are tiny black bugs that you have to look closely to notice. Once you see them biting your skin, you should check your pet’s skin and fur to see if fleas are there. If so, then call a pest control technician.

4) Spiders

Australia is home to the most dangerous spiders in the world. The redback spider is a particularly venomous species of spider that comes from South Australia originally, but can now be found across the country. There is also the Huntsman spider, which is toxic but not fatal to humans. Then, of course, you have non-toxic spiders like daddy long legs that tend to become annoying pests too.

Anytime you see creepy-looking spiderwebs or spiders in your home, then you’ll know that you have a spider infestation problem. Do yourself a favour and eliminate them immediately with the services of a pest control technician. This will ensure that you and your family stay safe.

5) Termites

Approximately 25% of Australian homes suffer a termite infestation problem at some point. Termites have the potential to cause more damage to your home than any other type of pest. Not only do they feed on wood and other organic materials, but they set up their nests inside the floors and walls of homes. Some people won’t notice the termites until the damage to their structure starts to become significant.

Pay attention to the wooden structures of your home. Do you see any damage to them? Do your skirting boards or walls appear to get damaged too easily when you merely bump against them? If so, then it is clear that you have a termite infestation.

6) Rats

Rats, especially black rats, are a big problem throughout Australia. Their razor-sharp teeth allow them to gain entry to food cabinets inside of homes and to bite through food packaging.

No one wants rats crawling around their property. Besides them looking ugly and disgusting, these rodents carry diseases too. That is why they must be eliminated as soon as they’re discovered.

7) Mice

Mice can be a pest problem all year round. They love to find warm places inside of homes where they can feel safe. The two most common areas are wall cavities, attics, and basements. Like all rodents, mice carry diseases with them as well. If they start nesting in your home, then it puts the health of you and your family at risk.

Mice will try to bite through your furniture, food containers, cardboard, and other organic materials. Call a pest control technician if you notice these signs.

8) Ants

Ants are found everywhere in the soil outside. If you ever see little dirt mounds on your grass with a hole in the middle, then it is a sign that you have ants on your property. Ants love to travel through the soil in order to get underneath homes and find entryways inside of them. All it takes is a little crack in the siding or skirting boards, and you could have an ant infestation inside your home.

9) Flies

Flies are attracted to organic materials, including decaying material like faeces. They will both feed on the material and plant their eggs on the material too.

There is no shortage of flies in Australia. If you have a lot of garbage or animal faeces lying around your property, then you’ll probably invite swarms of flies to come and lay their eggs. Flies might seem harmless, but they can actually infect food with bacteria that’ll cause you to get sick. So, you have to take your fly problem seriously.

10) Bed Bugs

Bed bugs get their name because they love to live underneath your mattress. In fact, they love all warm dark places where they can hide their nest. This would also include underneath carpets and furniture. Check your walls for any crevices or cracks because bed bugs could be hiding in them too.

Bed bugs feast on human blood, and they breed quickly, so you need to stop them in their numbers before they expand themselves.