What Makes Summer The Peak Season For Pests

What Makes Summer The Peak Season For Pests

5 Reasons Of Increased Pest Activity

The summer months can be the best time of the year weather wise. However, while we’re enjoying the warm weather, there’s a problem to be aware of. It includes the number of pests that may be threatening your home.
If you are wondering why pests are more active in Summer, keep reading. We will explain some of the factors that will explain why they are. It’s important that every pest is kept out of your home by any means necessary.
Not only can they cause destruction to your house (in whatever possible capacity), they may also affect the health of your household. If you want to enjoy your summer in peace, taking care of pests accordingly can be a good start.
With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at pests. Our colleagues from Pro Pest Control Melbourne https://www.propestcontrolmelbourne.com.au explore the reasons behind why pest become more active in summer. Keep reading to find out more!

1. High Temperatures
Yes, the temperatures do get warm all throughout Australia. Whether you are on the coast or in the Outback, pests will love the warm weather because it gives them the opportunity to move around at any given time.
Pests will need high temperatures in order to survive. Plus, they’ll seek refuge in a place where the conditions are consistent like warm and moist (i.e – somewhere inside your house). Most of these pests that will be active in these environments include but are not limited to:
  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Stinger insects
These are just a sample list of the pests that can move around in high temperatures. Add in a bit of humidity and they’ll certainly hang around outdoors. That is until you give them an entry point that they’ll have no trouble accessing.

2. Increased food source
Aside from pests being active in the summer, there may be some critters that will be considered food sources. Spiders will feed on flies and ants will usually feed on dead animals among others. Also, other food sources such as wood will be readily accessible during the summer months for termites.
Grass is also an excellent food source for pests as well. So many food sources will be all over the place for pests. For this reason, it may be important for you to keep your yard clean and trimmed.
On top of that, you also want to make sure that no wooden products are leaning up against your house (both in its interior and exterior). Take the necessary precautions both inside and outside your house to ensure that no pests will be able to get into your home.
There are plenty of natural ways to keep the pests at bay. Plus, you’ll want to check for any needed repairs around the house. Seal off any holes that may be primary entry points for pests be it on the roof, under your foundation, and beyond.

3. Increased moisture
As mentioned before, pests will not only thrive in warm conditions. They will also thrive in conditions that are high in moisture. Australia gets plenty of humidity and even plenty of precipitation throughout the season.
For this reason, you can expect pests to be all over the place throughout the season. Among the most active in moist areas include:
  • Aphids
  • Flies
  • Mosquitos
Mosquitos find that standing water is the perfect kind of place to hang around. They are annoying and will buzz all over you, especially at night. Mosquitos can also carry diseases as well, so it is important to find the best ways to keep them far away from you.

4. Life cycle of pests
During the warm months, that’s when you’ll notice some of the life cycles of many pests are in full swing. Warm temperatures aid pests in the reproductive and growth process. Thus, it sets the perfect stage for pest multiplication.
The more pests that are present, the greater the threat it can pose for your home. That’s another reason why you will need to be proactive with your pest control strategy at home.

5. Increased number of people and activity
During the summer months, many people will be out and about. Likewise, they’ll also be doing plenty of activities outside. For this reason, pests will take advantage of any opportunity.
They’ll feed off of food crumbs, bite people (especially mosquitos), and rubbish piles will be placed alongside the curbs of neighbourhoods. A lot of stuff will be left behind and pests will want nothing more than to use it as a food source.

Pests are active in the summer and the reasons listed above explain it. Your first priority as a homeowner would be to protect your home against pests that will try and gain entry. Do whatever you need to in order to keep your home pest free using DIY control tips and tricks.