Hassle-Free Renovations? Facelifts that Will Make Your Home More Attractive

Hassle-Free Renovations? Facelifts that Will Make Your Home More Attractive

In need of a new look throughout your home but without lots of time and money to spend? Installing decorative cornices is an easy way to update your walls and provide a new look throughout the entire home.

What are the benefits of using cornices throughout my home?

  • Decorative cornices can add a sense of height, space and detail to a room
  • Easy-to-install
  • Quick way to give your entire home a new elegant, classic or contemporary look
  • If you are building or renovating your home, quality cornices can actually reduce construction costs as installation of walls and ceilings with a ‘square set’ (or no cornice) design is usually more difficult and more costly

What type of decorative cornice best suits my home style?

  • Modern and art deco homes match-up perfectly with CSR Gyprock’s Jazz™ or Tempo™ decorative cornices. The Gyprock Tempo™ Cornice gives the wall and ceiling interface a real ‘ edge’, complimenting a home’s contemporary style while the Gyprock Jazz™ cornice has crisp, symmetrical lines and angles designed to enhance art deco looks
  • CSR Gyprock’s Symphony™ and Classic cornices are suited to Federation home styles. The Gyprock Symphony™ cornice has a unique, ageless design which highlights the attributes of older-style homes
  • Georgian and Victorian homes are complemented by contemporary elegant design styles, including Gyprock Concerto™ and Gyprock Classic decorative cornices which add a sophisticated touch to the home’s interior design and compliment high ceilings
  • Heritage / Edwardian homes look best with Gyprock Symphony™ and Concerto™ decorative cornices. The Gyprock Concerto™ cornice combines smooth curves and sharp lines to create dramatic shadows at the wall-ceiling junction, forming a more pronounced and sophisticated feature
  • Gyprock Classic™ cornices suit Traditional / Colonial homes and are an easy way to make ceilings appear more elegant by creating an uneven light effect

Decorative cornices are easy to install yourself. To find out how, or for more information, please go to www.gyprock.com.au or phone 1300 306 556.