10 Reasons Your Drains Are Blocked

10 Reasons Your Drains Are Blocked

Is water draining out of your sink, toilet, or bathtub slowly, or not at all? If so, you may be experiencing a drain blockage.

A blocked drain and clogged pipes can have some serious consequences, ranging from a foul odour to burst pipes and water damage. Though special cameras are used by plumbers to inspect blocked drains and determine the exact cause of the blockage, you can exercise caution ahead of time by being aware of these 10 common causes of blocked drains.

1. Tree Roots
As a tree grows older, its roots extend further, occasionally piercing a water pipe. This damage can be costly, so be wary of where trees are located on your property and be conscious of where you plant new ones.

2. Toiletries
Flushing toiletries like tissues and sanitary pads down the toilet is an easy way to clog your pipes. They're simply too large and too absorbent, and so get lodged in your pipes. Always throw them in the bin.

3. Foreign Objects
Foreign objects like stuffed animals and building blocks can cause significant damage to your pipes and be difficult to remove. As you may have guessed, children are the most likely culprit in these situations, so you may want to have a family meeting about responsible flushing.

4. Cooking Oil
Cooking oil should always be tossed into the bin once it cools off, never into the sink. Once the oil cools, it begins to congeal, blocking your pipes and worsening over time.

5. Food Scraps
You should never let rice, pasta, coffee grounds, or essentially anything that isn't a pure liquid go down your drain. This can be tricky sometimes when washing dishes, so consider using a compost pile that you can scrape leftover food into before cleaning up.

6. Mineral Build-Up
When minerals dissolve in hard water, they can cause insoluble clumps that clog your pipes. Some mineral blockages will require a licenced plumber to clear, so you may want to consider investing in a water softener.

7. Soap
The greasy and fatty ingredients of soap are commonly known to cause soap scum, but did you know that they also block your pipes and drains? High-pressure water jets are used to clear blocked pipes and can be used to remove soap build-up, but trying alternative soaps will help maintain your pipes long term.

8. Hair
Hair is one of the most common causes of a clogged drain, no matter how long or short the strands may be. Consider purchasing a drain catcher to prevent this build-up before it happens. Otherwise, you may have to take on the gross task of removing the hair yourself.

9. Natural Debris
Natural debris, such as rainwater, leaves, and oil, can build up and clog your pipes, especially after a storm. Keeping your property clear of debris and maintaining your gutters will help prevent your pipes from getting overloaded.

10. Cat Litter
Kitty litter can be devastating to drainage systems as its clay, sand, and other components clog when exposed to moisture. Always toss your litter in the bin, never down the drain!

Too Far Gone? We Can Help
Drains already blocked? You may need a reliable plumbing business to give your drains and pipes a fresh start. If you live in Sydney, Ruttley Services clear blocked drains and could be the ideal solution to your problem.