4 tips to find the best hot water system

4 tips to find the best hot water system

The best hot water system is an essential purchase, so it’s always worth doing your research to understand your options and find out the different types of water systems available. Many factors can determine the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of your hot water system, so consider these tips to help you find the best hot water system for your property.

Energy source
There are various hot water system energy sources to consider, and some are more convenient than others, while other systems are more affordable both short- and long-term. The types of energy sources include:
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Solar
  • Heat pump
Each of these options possesses benefits but also drawbacks. For example, electric systems are cheap to install and set up but are also more expensive to run. Conversely, a solar system can be expensive to install (especially without rebates or incentives), but the overall cost pays for itself over the years.

Type of system
You should also understand the type of system you want to purchase. The systems available are:
  • Storage tank
  • Instant water heater
Like various energy sources, these also provide benefits and drawbacks. A storage tank is ideal for households that use a lot of water, but you may need to wait for the water to heat up before using a lot of it (such as for a bath). Instant water heaters do as the anime suggests, yet they are most effective for smaller households.

Installation and running costs
Some units are easy and cheap to install but cost a lot over longer periods. Other options see an expensive initial installation, but the cost gradually reduces as time goes on. This is an important factor to consider, and you’ll need to work out your household needs.

Energy efficiency is another vital aspect of any appliance considering the increased emphasis on sustainability. Ideally, you want to choose a hot water system that offers the most without costing too much. However, this is not always so simple, and you may need to balance the average cost with your consumption and think about your habits and the size of your household.

Potential incentives and rebates
If you’re struggling to afford more eco-friendly water systems, you may be entitled to government rebates or incentives that can support the expense through grants. This approach is popular for those who want to install solar water heaters when upgrading or replacing their existing units.

However, such incentives are not available for everyone nor are they available everywhere. Because of this, you may need to find a satisfying alternative that is easy to install and affordable, ensuring you and your family can enjoy all the benefits of hot water without too much of an expense or environmental impact.

Choosing the right hot water system for your home can bring an array of benefits, including reduced annual costs, improved reliability and household comfort, and sustainability that helps to maintain the environment. Need advice before buying a hot water system? These tips should help you identify which type of hot water system is best for you, and you can also speak to a licensed plumber about your hot water system needs for professional and expert advice.