5 Reasons Your Drains Are Blocked

5 Reasons Your Drains Are Blocked

Are you dealing with a blocked drain, sewage system, or a recurrent situation of the same? Here are some causes contributing to clogging that, when avoided or dealt with correctly, could help. Sometimes it takes more than one problem to cause blockage.

For instance, a combination of grease, hair, natural waste, or broken pipes. As a result, it becomes difficult to resolve without the professional help of plumbers.

Therefore, for severe blockages, you will need to seek professional help from plumbers.

Reasons for blocked drains

1. Mineral build-up
There are different kinds of minerals that can possibly block drains when not inspected properly. For example, over time, calcium buildup leads to a narrowing of your pipes. Iron sulfide can also do this by reacting to air and water, therefore creating dissolved iron and sulfuric acid that mainly blocks drainage.

Fix: Use baking soda and white vinegar to dissolve mineral buildup in your pipes. It is less corrosive than chemicals and doesn’t build up in your drain. You may also try pouring boiling water down the drain.

2. Soap
Solid soap gets stuck in pipes and leads to blockage. Not just bar of soaps accidentally falling down the drain can cause this, but it also happens when soap resolidifies and sticks to other debris.

Fix: Ensure that plugs are protected with a mesh wire guard to limit pieces of soap bar going down the drains. Liquid soaps are also a better option than bar soaps.

3. Hair
It’s normal to find loose hair in humans or pets. However, hair strands block sinks and drains when they entangle and form clumps in your pipes. If hair mixes with dirt or grease, this can be worse.

Fix: Pour a cup of bleach into the drain because the acidity helps disintegrate the hair. You can also use a drain snake to hook the hair strands. Make a point of flushing your drain with hot water regularly.

4. Natural debris
Twigs and leaves that fall off trees usually clog gutters, stormwater drains, and downpipes. Due to their organic nature, they decompose, leading to blockage.

Fix: Set up a guard for your gutter to prevent leaves and other debris from falling into the gutter. Clean your gutters, especially during the autumn and summer seasons when there are a lot of leaves around.

5. Broken pipes
Broken pipes in your drainage system cause flushed-down items to become trapped. As a result, the solid waste will build up, thus causing a blockage.

Fix: You need to upgrade your plumbing works and consider calling a plumber to inspect your drain system, walls, and ceiling. Let your plumber replace the broken pipes. For leaking pipes, you can opt for repatching or pipe relining.

Whatever clogs your drains, there is a solution, whether you do it personally or contact a professional plumber. Collapsed pipes will require a plumber, and you can clear blockages using hot water, caustic cleaners, natural cleaners like bicarbonate soda and vinegar, and pipe relining services.