Advantages of the Streamline System

Advantages of the Streamline System

Streamline is an all-Australian system that has been designed to solve the problems associated with damaged and root infested drains and pipes.

Rather than trying to make running repairs (ultimately ineffective) on your existing pipes and drains, Streamline replaces them with a new core pipe. This new Streamline core is manufactured in continuous lengths, eliminating joints and cracks which lead to root infiltration. The Streamline pipe is manufactured from a felt core, which is impregnated with a complex polymer resin. The bag is pulled or winched into position, an inner bladder is inflated and once the liner core is set, the resin activates, leaving the new pipe stronger than your old one.

The Many Advantages of the Streamline System
  1. The Streamline System is guaranteed
  2. The system requires no costly and disruptive excavation
  3. There are savings compared to conventional methods from 25-75%
  4. Streamline provides the solution to the whole problem, not just temporary relief from the symptoms
  5. Streamline pipes and drains are ready for use within hours, not days!
  6. Increased flow characteristics
  7. Streamline pipes are stronger than both your original pipe, and any other type of replacement pipe
  8. No need to remove troublesome trees, shrubs or other vegetation to ensure root-free pipes
Why Streamline? Nearly all plumbers can clean your pipes and drains. However, unlike conventional plumbers, Streamline knows that this is only the first step, and not the end to solving your problem.

After the pipes and drains have been cleaned, Streamline can undertake CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) survey of your existing pipes. This survey is videoed and a full report is prepared. Both the video (which can be played on any domestic VCR) are your property and will allow you to see for yourself the condition of your drains and pipes. Only when you have all of the facts of your drains and pipes before you, can you be sure of the advice given to you and the service you pay for!

If we think that a re-line is required, Streamline will provide a written quote, outlining the best way to repair your sewerage and drainage system, fixing your problems once and for all - Guaranteed! So don't pay plumbers to provide only temporary relief, and don't wait til your pipes and drains are so bad that they have to be closed down and excavated - call Streamline for professionalism and service that you can see for yourself. No job is too big or too small. We do domestic, commercial, industrial and Public Authority work

Phone us for more information on - Free-Call: 1800 819 532 (Australia only) or for free no obligation advice, send us an email.