Clearing Tree Roots from Drain Pipes in Sydney

Clearing Tree Roots from Drain Pipes in Sydney

There are many things you need to think about when you’re a homeowner. You have to keep your property looking nice, you have to keep up with the housework, and you need to keep it secure from the outside, among many other tasks. Something you might not have considered is the fact that you also need to take care of your drainage system. Although most of the time, it will work as it’s meant to, problems can occur, and it’s good to know what those problems are and what you should do about them. One big issue can be tree roots in (and blocking) your drain pipes. Read on to find out more about how to tackle them.

Why Do Tree Roots Cause Drainage Issues?
In order to grow, trees need moisture. Their root systems are designed to seek out that moisture, and once they find a good source of it, they’ll make that their home. If your drainage pipework has any cracks in it, tree roots will happily find their way inside and stay there, sucking up the moisture and getting bigger and bigger as they do so. This means the pipes quickly get blocked, and any cracks they had become bigger, causing leaks and issues that need a plumber’s help.

Signs of Roots in Drain Pipes
Since your plumbing system is under the ground, how can you tell if you have a problem with tree roots blocking it or damaging the pipes? Although you won’t know for sure until you dig down to the pipes or use a camera to see inside, you might notice some untoward signs that will give you a clue that this is your issue. They include:
  • Slow running drains
  • Drains that make a gurgling sound
  • Backed-up toilets (when there is no obvious reason for this to happen)
  • A foul odour coming from your drains
  • Sinkholes in your garden and other outside areas
  • Fast-growing trees - they must be getting nutrients from somewhere
DIY Solutions
For professional advice on clearing tree roots, contact a plumber - this is a good first option if you want the issue solved quickly and with good results. However, if you are keen to try a DIY approach, you can use either rock salt or copper sulphate.

In both bases, pour the solution into the drainage system (make sure you dilute the copper sulphate as per the bottle’s instructions) so that it can kill off the roots within the pipes. Then you’ll need to flush the system with water to remove the traces of salt or chemical, as well as dead roots that could continue to block the pipe.

Professional Root Clearing Methods
As mentioned above, much of the time, it’s wise to contact a professional plumber to deal with this problem on your behalf. They will use mechanical augers or rooters, or they’ll hydro-jet the system to remove the tree roots.

Once the roots are cleared, the pipes will need to be repaired at the very least and potentially entirely replaced - this is another reason why calling a professional is a good idea.

Final Thoughts
Tree roots can cause a lot of problems - many serious problems, in fact - when it comes to your drainage system and pipework. It’s not something you should leave for another time; it needs to be put right as soon as possible. For professional advice on clearing tree roots, contact a plumber right away and put your mind at ease.