Fluid Plumbing Supporting the Tiny Homes Foundation

Fluid Plumbing Supporting the Tiny Homes Foundation

One of the best ways a business can show appreciation for the area where it is based is by giving something back to the local community. Often this will take the form of providing essential skills and services to a local charity or not for profit organisation.

This is exactly what a well-known Central Coast plumbing firm is doing. Fluid Plumbing are proud supporters of the Tiny Homes Foundation, a registered charity working to combat the growing problem of homelessness in Australia.

The importance of Tiny Homes

The increasing lack of affordable housing means that more and more Australians are sadly finding themselves homeless. It can be extremely difficult for people who have become homeless to find their way back to independent living. The Tiny Homes Foundation is helping them to do just that, in an original and innovative way.

The first Tiny Homes Village is currently being constructed on the Central Coast. It will comprise four to six tiny houses, a public space with all essential amenities for the inhabitants of the homes, and a meeting facility where vital services such as welfare and education can be provided.

Each Tiny Home is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable, and will house a single homeless person.

Fluid Plumbing is proud to help

When David Mikkelsen owner of Fluid Plumbing heard about the Tiny Homes Foundation and the vital services it wanted to provide for homeless people on the Central Coast, he jumped at the chance to become involved with the project. With 20 years’ experience behind him, he had a variety of essential skills to offer, and set about drawing on his expert knowledge to design the plumbing and electrical systems for the Tiny Homes.

The rest of the Fluid Plumbing team was quick to share his enthusiasm for the project. They will be installing all the plumbing and electricity, storm water systems and sewer facilities for the homes, providing local homeless people with a truly independent living solution.

Inspiration for the future

The first Tiny Homes Village is being set up as a pilot program. If it’s successful, it is hoped that state and local government, as well as other organisations and businesses, will show their support by helping to create more Tiny Homes Villages at other locations throughout Australia.

To help them do this, the Tiny Homes Foundation has made all documentation relating to the construction of the homes publicly available. It has also offered to help other organisations with the legal, financial and project management aspects of creating similar projects, as well as encouraging them to create partnerships with vital support services that can make a difference to the lives of homeless people.

A true community spirit

The Central Coast community has got right behind the project, and the Tiny Homes are being constructed by a team of local volunteers, who are learning new skills and gaining valuable experience on this highly worthwhile project. It is hoped that in the future, homeless people themselves will be able to get involved with the construction of their own Tiny Homes. The support of businesses such as Fluid Plumbing is making this dream a tangible reality that could change the fates of many homeless people across Australia.

Image source: NBRS Architecture