How Plumbers Clear a Blocked Drain

How Plumbers Clear a Blocked Drain

There is nothing quite as frustrating as a blocked drain. This is an issue in your home that you'll want to get taken care of right away to minimise the risk of further damage to your home. Although there are some DIY solutions for clearing blocked drains, in many cases, you'll require the services of an experienced plumber to eliminate the blockage. Here's a look at a few of the most common methods plumbers use to clear blocked drains so you know what to expect.

Snake and CCTV

This is the most common method of drain-clearing and is a sure-fire way to clear just about any blockage quickly. For starters, your plumber will take a look inside your drain pipes using a CCTV camera. This will allow them to determine the extent of the blockage to make a determination about how to proceed.
Most blockages can be cleared with a plumber's snake, also called an electric eel tool. Basically, this tool consists of a rapidly spinning coil at the end of a long cable. As the coil spins, it chips its way through the blockage so that water can flow smoothly once again. This is the most appropriate choice for blockages in metal pipes as the coil can damage ceramic or PVC piping.

Hydro Jet

If your pipes are not metal, hydro jetting can protect them from damage while still getting rid of many blockages. This process works by blasting a powerful stream of water into your pipes. The pressure then forces any blockage out of your pipes. This method is the safest for your pipes, although it is not as effective on really tough blockages.


In the most extreme cases, your plumber may have to resort to excavation. This is a last-resort measure and will only be used if no other attempt has been successful at removing the blockage. This can happen when tree roots have grown through your pipes, leaving them cracked or broken. Excavation may also be necessary if a blockage is too deep in your piping system for a snake to reach. The plumber will dig out the blocked pipe so that it can be repaired or replaced.

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