How to Choose the Right Size of Hot Water System

The size of your water heater will depend on how much hot water you use, how many people live at your home and when you use it. If your storage heater is not big enough, you will often run out of hot water. However, if it is larger than you need. you will be spending a lot of excess money heating water that you don’t use.

So how can you determine what size of water heater is right for you?

How Much Do You Use on a Busy Day?

Think about how much hot water you will use on the busiest time of the day, such as in the morning when everyone in the household is having a shower before leaving for work or school. As a rule, you will probably want to allow for 30-40 litres of hot water per person per day in a household.

You can also figure out this by taking the number of bedrooms in the household and adding one. For example, if you have four bedrooms in your home, you can add one to get five. Then, multiply this by the 30 litre allotment and you will get 150.

You can also do this by using buckets to determine the flow rate of your hot water outlets. Start with the first outlet, such as a sink or a shower. Take a large bucket and a timer and turn the hot tap on full. Let it run for a minute and see how much water has gathered in the bucket. Then, calculate this by the amount of time you spend using that water outlet. So, if you take a 6 minute shower, the total would be the amount in the bucket times 6.

Now you know roughly how much water is used in litres per minute during the peak demand times in your home. Remember, you are the best judge of how much hot water your family uses every day, so make an accurate assessment so that you are able to choose the right hot water system for your needs.

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