Prices of Electric Hot Water Systems

Prices of Electric Hot Water Systems

Hot water is essential for any modern home. Whether your current hot water system is due for an upgrade or you are just looking to get a sense of what is available on the market these days, your search should definitely include electric hot water systems. These types of systems utilise the electricity that you already have in your home to heat up the water.

There are two primary styles of electric hot water systems: storage and tankless. With a storage system, you'll have a large water tank that will maintain the high temperature within so that your hot water is ready to go when you need it. However, if you use up all of the hot water that was in the tank, you'll have to wait until a new tankful heats up again before you can use more hot water. With a tankless system, the water is rapidly heated on demand, so you'll always have a continuous source of hot water available.

Hot Water System Costs

So, what do these different types mean in terms of cost? With storage systems, your cost will depend on the size of the tank, with larger tanks costing more than smaller ones. For a 25-litre tank, for example, you can expect to pay about $450 on average. At the higher end of the spectrum, a tank that holds 400 litres will set you back about $1,800.

Instant, tankless heaters also come at a range of price points, depending on the quality of the system. However, the range is smaller than for storage hot water systems. For a tankless system, you can expect to pay anywhere between $650 and $1,300.

Other Considerations

In addition to the cost of the hot water system itself, you'll also need to account for additional costs, like your energy bill, delivery fees, installation charges, and haul-away fees. All of these costs will depend on your location and the complexity of your hot water system.

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