Prices of Gas Hot Water Systems

Prices of Gas Hot Water Systems

When you are in the market for a new gas hot water system, you are going to have to make an important decision – which is the best option that you can get for your home, whilst staying within your price range. Opting for a gas system can be a smart financial – and environmentally-friendly decision. Gas requires less energy usage than electric hot water systems, which can be responsible for as much as one-third of your household energy bill! Gas systems are much less expensive upfront than a solar system.

What Determines the Price?

There are a variety of gas hot water systems available today. The price will primarily depend on the following:
  • The size of the system – gas hot water systems are available in a 135-litre size at the small end of the spectrum or a 360-litre size at the larger end of the spectrum
  • The number of simultaneous taps and water outlets
  • The type of system – gas hot water systems often come as storage or instant models

Is a Storage or Instant Hot Water System a Better Deal?

The prices of storage gas hot water systems generally range from $850-$1500, with the smaller models being the least expensive. Instant systems have an average minimum price of $750 for smaller systems and an average maximum price of $1600 for larger ones.

The prices between the two different types of hot water systems are not that different. Storage systems are the most popular; they come with a storage tank and a heating mechanism. In these systems, the water is heated in the tank.

With an instant system, water is heated as it leaves the system. This means that your hot water is supplied on an as-needed basis.

Today, you can also choose a gas-solar system, which uses solar power to supplement the gas heating. This is the most energy efficient option. Another alternative option is a heat pump system, which extracts heat from the surrounding air to help warm your water. These two options are more expensive to install.

When you are ready for a new gas hot water system, start by contacting a licensed specialist in the Sydney area. An experienced hot water and plumbing expert can give you an honest assessment and discuss your options with you before you have your new system installed.

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