Prices of Gas Hot Water Systems

Prices of Gas Hot Water Systems

Every modern home needs to have hot running water to be complete. You use hot water in a variety of daily tasks, including bathing and cleaning, so you'll want to ensure that your hot water system is in top working order. When it is time to replace your current system, take a look at gas hot water systems. They come in at a range of price points so you are sure to find one that suits your budget. Here's what you need to know.

Hot Water System Costs

When choosing a gas hot water system, you have two main options in terms of style. The first is a storage tank system, which maintains a hot temperature for the water in the tank at all times. As you use the hot water, the tank will reheat the incoming water to bring it back up to the hot temperature. For this type of system, the price depends largely on the size of the tank. For small tanks that hold about 135 litres of water, you can expect to pay about $850. For larger homes, you'll likely want a larger tank. For 360 litres of hot water, the price will be about $1500.

Your second gas hot water system style option is a tankless, instant hot water system. In this type of system, the water is heated instantaneously. This way, you'll never run out of hot water like you could with a tank system. With this style, the price depends on the power of the heater itself. You'll see prices ranging from $750 to $1600.

Additional Cost Factors

You'll need to consider more than just the hot water system itself to get a final price estimate. In addition to the cost of the system, you may need to pay additional charges for delivery and installation, depending on where you live and the accessibility of your home. If you need your old hot water system removed, this may generate an additional fee. You'll need to check with your plumbing company or other hot water system provider to get accurate numbers for additional costs.

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