Rheem continuous flow hot water systems

A Look at the Rheem Continuous Flow Hot Water System Choices

With continuous hot water, you’ll never have to worry about your hot water running out. Australia’s most trusted brand for hot water systems offers a variety of continuous systems so you can get the right one to suit your needs.

How a Continuous Flow Hot Water System Works

Continuous hot water systems, also known as instantaneous hot water systems, can be a great energy-efficient and space saving option for homeowners. The water is heated on demand as it moves through copper piping, either by a gas burner or electric power. The main advantage is that there is no need to store water in a tank. Also, energy doesn’t have to be wasted in order to keep stored water at a certain temperature. This makes instant systems ideal for vacation homes or rentals, where water isn’t always being used.

Instantaneous systems are usually compact, making them useful for smaller homes and apartments. They also can be installed outdoors, allowing for even greater use of space.

Different Rheem Models

Rheem offers plenty of choices, including 6-Star Energy Rating continuous flow water heaters.
  • The 12L to 27L basic range includes three difference compact, energy efficient outdoor units that are ideal for homes that don’t have a lot of space for a large hot water system, such as apartments and townhomes.
  • The Rheem Metro series, available in 16L, 26L, and 24L versions are high-quality, continuous flow hot water systems with 6-Star Energy Ratings. The Rheem Metro Plus models are compatible with most local regulations.
  • The Pronto 12L and 16L come with an in-built hydro-electric generator to turn on the gas and heat the water as soon as the tap is turned on. These energy efficient models are perfect if you are looking for a high-performing continuous gas hot water heater with high energy efficiency ratings.

To find out more about installing a Rheem continuous flow hot water system at your home, or for hot water repairs in North Shore and the Northern Beaches, get in touch with our experienced team of licensed plumbers and hot water system specialists.