Rinnai Infinity Hot Water Systems Provide Continuous Heat

Rinnai Infinity Hot Water Systems Provide Continuous Heat

In today's modern world, having hot water is essential to the comfort of a home. After all, we need hot water for bathing, cooking, washing dishes and even doing laundry. With the Rinnai Infinity hot water system, you can have hot water at your fingertips at all times.

The Infinity System Difference
What sets the Infinity hot water system apart from many others is that it does not maintain hot water in a large tank. Instead, it instantaneously heats the water as it flows through the system. This way, you will not run out of hot water after a period of time, especially if you have multiple family members needing to take showers in short succession.

All of the models in the Infinity range have achieved high Energy Star ratings, so you can rest assured that you are doing your part to protect the environment. Infinity systems make it easy to maintain precise temperature control through the incorporated temperature stability technology and status operation monitor. All Rinnai Infinity products come with a 12-year heat exchanger warranty for your peace of mind.

Infinity Models
There are a number of models in the Infinity range, each with their own distinguishing features:
  • Infinity 16 - This is the smallest variation in the line and is best suited to one-bathroom homes.
  • Infinity 20 - Slightly larger than the Infinity 16, the Infinity 20 can provide continuous hot water for two-bedroom homes in warm climates.
  • Infinity 26 - This is the most popular model in the range, providing continuous hot water for two- to three-bedroom homes. The Infinity 26 has three sub-models: Enviro, Internal and Smartstart. Enviro has the highest Energy Star rating at 7 stars, making it the most energy-efficient. Internal is the only model that can be installed indoors. Smartstart pre-heats the water in the pipes to save water during startup time.
  • Infinity 32 - This is the largest model and is suitable for homes with three or more bedrooms. It also has an Enviro version with a 7-star Energy Star rating.

Versatility and Convenience
With all of the variety in the Rinnai Infinity collection, you are sure to find a model that meets the needs of your family. Now you'll never have to go without hot water on a busy morning again!

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