Tips for Cleaning Out Your Gutters

Tips for Cleaning Out Your Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters isn’t a pleasant job, but it has to be done if you want to ensure your home remains safe and clean.

Why should I clean my gutters?

Gutters that are not cleaned regularly can become cluttered with twigs and leaves. This causes them to overflow, which has several detrimental consequences for your home. Firstly, it causes water to cascade down the outside of your home, damaging the paintwork. In addition, water will gradually begin to leak into the walls, ceilings, and basement of your home. This will cause damp in your home, which is a big enough problem in itself and has the added danger of attracting termites, which can seriously damage the structure of your home.

Blocked gutters can also become too heavy as the debris trapped within them will absorb water when it rains. Over time this will put serious stress on your gutters and eventually force them to detach from your house. If this happens it can be costly and time-consuming to fix.

How often should I clean my gutters?

It is recommended that you should clean out your gutters at least twice a year, in the autumn and spring. Depending on the type and amount of trees in your neighbourhood, you may need to do this more frequently.

What will I need?

Firstly, you will need to make sure you have all the necessary equipment. You’ll need a ladder, something to scoop out the debris with, a bucket or bag to collect it in, and a hose to wash out the gutters. You will also need a pair of thick gloves to protect your hands.

It’s vitally important to make sure your ladder is properly secured against your house. Not taking sufficient time and care with your ladder could cause you to have a nasty accident. Be sure to wear non-slip shoes to minimise the risk of slipping while you’re climbing the ladder.

How to clean gutters

Once you are high enough to reach the gutters, scoop out any debris that has gathered in them. Start at a drain outlet at the low end of the gutter and work outwards. Placing all the debris into the bucket or bag as you go will save you a lot of time clearing up the area later.

When all the debris has been removed from the gutters, blast them thoroughly with the hose, working towards the drain outlet. Be warned that this part of the job can get extremely messy, as gutters tend to be full of encrusted dirt! You’ll want to wear old clothes, preferably something waterproof.

Finally, pour a bucket of water through the gutters to check that there are no leaks.

Trust a professional

Please remember that this can be a highly dangerous job. If you are not comfortable with heights or are unsure what you are doing, or if your home is higher than a single storey, it’s advisable to leave the job to a professional plumbing firm.

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