Toilet Buying Guide

Toilet Buying Guide

Today, we’re going to answer the burning question that keeps you up at night — what kind of toilet should you buy?

Okay, this question probably only plagues your dreams when your toilet is malfunctioning. Nonetheless, it’s an important question that you need to know the answer to. After all, nature will be calling several times a day and you need a place to answer!

Parts of a Toilet

There are two basic pieces of the modern toilet — the toilet pan and the cistern.

The toilet pan (or bowl as it is sometimes called) is the part where you sit. The cistern holds the water for flushing away your offering.

Types of Set-Outs

There are three main designs for where the toilet disposes of the waste. This is called the set out and each type sports a water seal that keeps the icky sewer smell from perfuming your bathroom.

Here are the three types:
  • S traps connect to the sewer through the floor and is the most common design in Australia
  • P traps connect to the sewer through the wall, thus wall-hung toilets have this set out
  • Skew traps connect out of the side of the toilet pan. This design is not common but is helpful in small bathrooms
Water Inlets

Toilets need water to wash away the waste. If you are renovating your bathroom, you need to pay attention to which type you have.

Bottom inlets are located under the cistern and are visible. Back inlet designs are more discrete, but harder to install and may require a plumber’s help.

Types of Toilets

The basic toilet consists of a toilet pan and a cistern, but these can be configured in different ways.

The most common type is the link (or connector) toilet with a pipe connecting the cistern and toilet pan.

On close-coupled toilets, the cistern is snuggled up close to the toilet pan, thus looking more refined.

Back to wall toilets are a little more expensive, but eliminate both the gap between the cistern and the toilet pan and the gap on the wall.

Finally, concealed cistern toilets hide the cistern in a wall or cabinet.

Fancy Seats

The basic toilet seat has been around forever and it still works. However, the newer soft-closing lids have been a welcome addition in many households. It eliminates the bang of the toilet lid at 3 in the morning as well as helps prevent damage to the toilet pan over time.

Bidets and Smart Toilets

Ready to give up on toilet paper? Bidets are a great way to do it. A simple add-on unit can be added to an existing toilet seat for an inexpensive solution.

Of course, with the deluge of smart appliances, the humble toilet couldn’t be left out. These will allow for varied water temperature and pressure, toilet seat-warming, and even fancy LED lights.

The Perfect Toilet

Who knew there was so much to think about when it comes to buying a toilet? We hope this information has been helpful. Don’t hesitate to talk to a qualified plumber for answers to all your toilet needs!