Tradie Etiquette: It’s a 2-sided responsibility

Tradie Etiquette: It’s a 2-sided responsibility

Hiring tradies to work in your property might fill you with trepidation. After all, horror stories about nightmare scenarios are common – you only need ask friends or relatives about tradie sagas and someone will have a negative tale to tell.

However, as with any relationship, there are responsibilities on both sides. So, let’s take a look at what customers can do to ensure a positive experience with the tradies they hire, no matter what the field of expertise.

7 top tips for a great tradie experience

It goes without saying that before you contract a tradie to carry out work we’re assuming you’ve carried out your due diligence. This should include getting 2-3 quotes from different suppliers, checking up on references, looking at online reviews etc.

Once you’ve decided on a service then the following 7 etiquette ‘rules’ will set the right foundations for the desired positive experience.

1. Get the comms right from the start: By far the biggest cause of problems in any customer-tradie relationship is poor communication. As a customer, you should make sure comms are sorted from the outset. From first contact you should clearly explain what you need and your expectations. Work together to create a realistic plan that includes payment plans, stages of work to be completed and estimated dates, disruption to any living space, possible delays if unexpected scenarios occur etc. Be sure that your tradie can easily contact you if you’re not on site. If possible, let them have a direct line to call to prevent any communication delays.

2. Prepare the area: Tradies need to be able to access their workspace. Clearing this prior to their arrival, removing breakables, shutting pets away, clearing a parking space… These are all easy to action, yet so many people fail to do this. Imagine turning up to your workplace ready to carry out your regular tasks but first had to navigate numerous obstacles before you get started. Ensuring easy access is a great way to get the customer-tradie relationship on the right footing from the get-go.

3. Let them get on with their work: Much as you might be tempted to hover over them as they work, letting them get on with it will make your tradie heave a sigh of relief. Be friendly, of course. But keep the chats short and allow them to concentrate on the job in hand.

4. Give them a breakout area: For jobs that take half a day or more, then remember that these guys and gals need to eat! They’ll likely bring their own food, so show them where they can take a break. Perhaps a table in the garden or set them out a few chairs under a shady tree – wherever is convenient.

5. Offer a tea or coffee: Many tradies bring their own refreshments, but the offer of a cuppa is always welcome and shows your appreciation.

6. Check in occasionally: While it’s important not to be overbearing, you should check in every so often. Ask if they need anything from you or if there’s any issues you need to be made aware of. This is more relevant for larger jobs that take days or weeks to complete. In such cases, make sure you touch base every day or two and that your tradie knows how to get hold of you if necessary.

7. Be reasonable if there’s an issue: With the best will in the world, sometimes there are delays or problems. Unexpected issues may crop up and be nobody’s fault. In such a case it’s important to have great lines of communication and, vitally, stay calm and professional.

When the task is completed it’s good practice to give honest feedback. If you’re happy with the results then say so – consider leaving an online review as these are a vital part of a tradie’s reputation.

If you’re not happy then it’s crucial to communicate this straight away. Quality tradespeople would much prefer honesty and the chance to put things right, rather than have a customer speak negatively to others or post a poor online review. Once again, communication is the underlying key to a good experience.

Whatever trade you need, following these few simple etiquette steps will give the best opportunity for a positive experience.

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