Water Costs in Adelaide

Water Costs in Adelaide

Do you feel you pay more for your water bill than your friends and neighbours? Let's find out why you might have been spending more on water than the other households.

First, we will discuss how the water costs are calculated here in Adelaide. We will then look at the average price of water and ways to reduce the water bill.

The Components of a Water Bill

SA Water, the body responsible for supplying water in Adelaide, has a unique price structure for residential water bills. Houses, flats, maisonettes, retirement homes, or vacant lands that are marked residential come under the residential category.

SA Water implements a flat rate for residential water bills across the state. That means, no matter whether you live in metropolitan Adelaide or the regional area, you pay the same rate per unit of water. The cost of supplying water in different areas is not the same, but it does not show up on your water bill.

The water bills you receive in Adelaide have two parts: a fixed charge and a variable charge that depends on the usage. You need to pay the fixed rate to retain the water connection.

The Cost of Water in Adelaide

In 2021-22, the fixed charge for water supply is $274.40 per year. So, you pay $68.60 per quarter. The bill for water usage is calculated based on a three-tier pricing model. The usage price for 2021-22 is as follows:

Tier 1
Use Price per Kilolitre (kL): $1.966/kL
Usage threshold per day: 0 to 383.6 L

Tier 2
Use Price per Kilolitre (kL): $2.806/kL
Usage threshold per day: 383.6 L to 1424.7 L

Tier 3
Use Price per Kilolitre (kL): $3.040/kL
Usage threshold per day: Above 1424.7 L

How to Reduce Your Water Bill: 5 Quick Tips

You probably do not waste pricey water intentionally; none of us does. Here are some quick tips on how you can reduce water bills in Adelaide.

i. Use water-efficient appliances
Modern washing machines, dishwashers and toilets are more water-efficient than their traditional counterparts. Replace your old appliances to save water.

ii. Fix old leaking fixtures and pipes
Leaking faucets, pipes, and toilets cause more water wastage than you can imagine. A dripping tap can waste more than 60 litres of water per day. Fix the leaks and save on your bill!

iii. Recycle greywater
Recycling greywater from your laundry alone can save you up to 10% on your bill. Use greywater to irrigate your garden and lawns.

iv. Dual flush toilet
Dual flush toilets are excellent for saving water. A dual flush toilet uses 60% less water than a standard single flush toilet.

v. Use less water in the shower
You can easily save water by reducing your shower time. People usually use more than 120 litres of water per shower. On average, you can save up to 11 litres of water for each minute cut from the duration of your shower.


Water is precious, especially in a dry state like South Australia. Limiting your water usage will not only save you money but will also help build a better and more sustainable future.