Granite - The Ancient Stone

Granite is an intrusive, felsic, igneous rock.

It has been used in construction for centuries, including used (along with Limestone) in the construction of the Red Pyramid of Egypt.

Granite has also been used as paving / tiling in commercial buildings and monuments, most famously, Aberdeen in Scotland is commonly known as “The Granite City” due to it’s vast use of Granite.

Fast forward to now and Granite is still a very popular Natural Stone that is used in both residential and commercial applications including Outdoor paving, Pool Paving and Coping, Step Treads, Cobbles and Outdoor Tiles.

Simon’s Seconds in conjunction with iPave Western Sydney is able to offer this ancient natural stone in a variety of forms at very reasonable prices.

Some Granite Products include;

400mm x 400mm Tiles
400mm x 400mm Pavers and Bullnose
600mm x 400mm Tiles
600mm x 400mm Pavers and Bullnose

1200mm x 400mm Step Treads

Black Granite Tiles and Pavers available at Simon's Seconds and iPave Western Sydney Black Granite Step Tread's available at Simon's Seconds and iPave Western Sydney