Stackstone - The Finishing Touch

When people admire your newly renovated backyard do you believe it is because they realise that it took hours to build the retaining wall or water feature.

The answer is simply NO.
They look in awe of the “finishing touches”
Stackstone is that and more.

With no two pieces exactly the same you can achieve that unique yet overly attractive finish every time without being repetitive.

With Natural Stone pieces glued together, Stackstone is easily affixed to bricks, concrete, blue board and besser blocks.

Creating a feature inside or out is easily achievable with Stackstone available in a range of colours including Black, Slate, Multicolour, Natural and many more.

Application Idea’s

  • Water Features – Besser blocks mortared together in a rectangular shape, Water Feature insert installed and connected to pump, Stackstone on front of wall to create a natural ambience in your yard.

Almond Stackstone

  • Retaining Walls – Stackstone affixed to besser blocks can dramatically change the look of the wall to that of a fully carved stone wall at a quarter of the price.

Black Stackstone affixed to besser blocks available at simon's seconds

  • Inside Wall – Affix stackstone to blue board in a main area in your home. “Bring the Outside In.”
  • Kitchen Island Bench – Sick of looking at a white space on the non-used area of your kitchen bench, use stackstone to create an appealing feature.

Many colours and styles available, call us on 02 9729 4483 or visit our online store for more details